Friday, June 27, 2014

Back to School Freebie, Walk of Fame & A Giveaway!

My friend Alisa, from
is having a giveaway!
It's easy to enter! 

The giveaway is over but she is very
close to reaching a goal and
having a huge giveaway!!
Check out her Facebook page for details!

Click here!

Photo: I have a giveaway starting at 6 am on Friday.  I'm giving away some great fairy tale packs from my friend at The Very Busy First Graders PLUS 
4 - $10 gift cards to my TPT store!  Winners will be announced Sunday morning - this is a short giveaway, so don't delay - enter now.

Just a way to say thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes!  Happy Friday, friends!

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I've given my first day of school 
award a little update!

Click here to get it free!

A reader asked for a copy of
my "Hollywood Walk of Fame",
so I thought I'd share it on here
if anyone else was interested!

Click here to read about it.

If you'd like a copy,
click here!

Product Details
I begin "Star of the Week"
with this story and activity!

It's a sweet story about a little
hamster that is finally star of the week.
However, his show and tells are all
flops, until he draws a squiggle...
and turns it into a....
You'll have to read it to find out
what happens next!

Click the book to check it out
on Amazon and click the picture 
to get the activity for free!

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