Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Frog and Butterfly Fun!

A sweet little guy brought in 2 tiny frogs for us to watch! We were fascinated....ALL DAY LONG!

I introduced our frog unit with the BrainPop Jr. video on frogs. After the video, students wrote down things they learned about frogs in their notebook.  They also got poems to add to their poetry journals.  Each day we watched a short YouTube video on frogs and they continued to add to their notes. We also read a fiction and nonfiction book about frogs each day. One day they wrote down the life cycle stages in their journal. 


I read a fiction and nonfiction book and passed out a mini frog to each student for a story souvenir. 

Green Wilma by Tedd Arnold is my very favorite fiction book to read when we study frogs.  It is an adorable story! The students think a little girl is dreaming about being a green frog but it turns out quite differently! Click the picture or here to check it out on Amazon!

We graphed whether or not we liked frogs.  It was unanimous! The students all like frogs!  They were very excited as this was our first unanimous vote ever!

We played "Lily Pad Hop" which reviewed parts of 10, addition and subtraction facts.  I played "Five Little Speckled Frogs" while the students "hopped" around. When I stopped the music, students hopped to a lily pad and had to solve the math fact.  We played through the song twice. They wanted to keep playing but we had to move on!

Our inflatable frog life cycle that greeted the students the morning we began our frog studies.

Drawing and labeling the life cycle.


Frog hoppin' fun! Students made their frog hop three different times, measuring the distance and recording it.  The frog that went the farthest two out of three times was the winner.


A little extra measuring practice after the race was over.


If you are interested in any of the activities from above, click here to check out Frog Hoppin' Fun!


I introduced butterflies almost the same way except I had students guess what was in the package that was delivered to our classroom.  I purchase our caterpillars every year from Insect Lore on Amazon.

We wrote in our journals the day the caterpillars arrived.  We wrote about their arrival, what they look like and drew a picture.  We will add to our journal occasionally and as we notice changes. I forgot to snap pictures of the students journals.

We will begin studying butterflies next week.  We will watch the BrainPop Jr. video, read the books below, receive a butterfly souvenir and do pretty much the same activities as we did with frogs.

If you are interested in checking out my butterfly activities, click here to see Butterfly Flyin' Fun!

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Poetry and a Free Earth Day Poem

I love poetry! Have you hear of Giggle Poetry?  I use the poems about family for our Mother's Day Tea. Students choose one to memorize and recite for our mothers during the tea.

I begin every unit of study/theme with a poem...or two or three!  Students keep every poem in a 1 inch, three ring binder.  They pull them out to read as a fast finisher activity.  We also use them occasionally for Read to Someone in our Daily 5 rotations.
At the beginning of each month, we also read that months Chicken Soup with Rice poem by Maurice Sendak.  I typed them up so students can illustrate them and keep them in their binders.  In May, we read June and July, watch the video (old VHS) and eat chicken soup with rice.  I have a big book, which I got through Scholastic years ago. 

Product Details

Since April is poetry month and Earth Day is this month, here is a free poem for you! Click the picture if you'd like to download it.
Earth Day Poem/Song

We are beginning our fairy tale unit soon.  These poems are a great addition to our unit.  The students love to rap!
Fairy Tale Poetry

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Print and Play Math Games and a Freebie

I am always looking for engaging games for my first graders to play when they are finished with their math assignments.  I make most of the games they play.  The students are loving the newest games I created!  I love them because they are no prep! Which means no colored ink, no lamination, no cutting, etc! 

The games are set up in the same format for easy introduction and they are for partner play only.

Get a free sample on Google Docs here!

Math Games No Prep

Click here to check out the whole set on TpT.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Don't Let the Pigeon (or the Teacher) Stay Up Late!

We had so much fun with this activity and directed drawing today! We are learning about healthy habits right now.  After reading a "sleep well" passage from a nonfiction book, I read Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!  We reviewed opinions and talked about how Pigeon was trying to convince us to let him stay up late.  Students filled out a graphic organizer, with their opinion and 3 reasons, telling Pigeon why he shouldn't stay up late.  The students then wrote a letter to Pigeon using the organizer.  They were so creative and funny! Tomorrow I am going to have them write a letter to me, telling me why I shouldn't stay up late because they know how much I LOVE sleep!  Those letters should be a hoot! Students will also be writing letters to a parent this week, trying to persuade the parent to let them have or do something.

Click here for the directed drawing page.
Click here for the persuasive opinion writing activity from ABCDeeThey are both free!

You should go to bed because you (will) be grumpy.
You will be tired.  You say naughty stuff.  You won't want
to listen at all.

Here's a picture of our science experiment left over from studying eggs before Easter.  If you haven't tried egg geodes with your students, it is simple! Just add food coloring to hot water, add sea salt, stir and pour in a cleaned out egg shell. Very cool!

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Launching Off With Educents!

 Educents has offered amazing daily deals since their launch.  They have now opened up a new Marketplace where you can purchase items directly from sellers stores! 

You can enter to win $50 credit to use at Educents! That will go a long way in purchasing fun, quality products for your classroom! Enter below and good luck!

Educents Marketplace $50 in Edubucks Giveaway #6 - First Grade Stores

My favorite freebie (and one of my most downloaded product on Educents and TpT) is a simple game based on Yahtzee.  Students roll the dice, add and cross off the sum. Simple! We use these games all year long in my classroom.  They are great for review, fast finishers or for a time filler!

Yahtzee Math Games

You can get this freebie here!
I'd love for you to visit my storefront here!

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