Friday, July 25, 2014

Classroom Management Freebies and a New DIY!

Before I get to all the freebies
I want to share, here is my
latest DIY...

I present to you...

The Safari Cart!
(Picture coming up!)

I've had this old, boring cart
for years. The students use
it to get milk from the lunchroom.

Now, there wasn't anything wrong
with gets the job done...
it doesn't match my color scheme I knew I had to fix it!

I used two cans of white Krylon 
Fusion spray paint, a tiny bit of
black Krylon spray paint, white
and black acrylic paint, (to fix over 
sprays and paint the zebra stripes) 
and spray Mod Podge.

And one little mess later...

Now on to the free stuff!
I have shared some of these on 
here before, but I have quite a few
new followers and a new freebie, 
and it is...

Back to School Time!!!

We can never have too many
management tools in our belt,
so I hope you find these useful!

Teacher Tipster Classroom Management Idea Cue Cards

Behavior Management: The King and Queen of....

 Freebie FridayTeaching blogs share freebies all the time and at Teaching Blog Addict, we give you the place to find them all in one spot! Be sure to come back each week to see what's new! Find free downloads and teacher resources for kindergarten, first grade ,second grade, third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade and sixth grade.

My newest freebie!

Enter my awesome giveaway here!
It features Ashley Reed's Sub Tub,
my Missing Teacher Investigation,
and a classroom management activity
for a sub to use while using Ashley's tub!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Christmas in July Sale!

Please join Kelly,
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Grab button for My Fabulous Class

Grab button for My Fabulous Class

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sub Plans and Classroom Management Giveaway!

Ashley from Just Reed ,


donated her B.M.E. Sub Tub 
Featuring Dogs for this giveaway!
I purchased it last year and it was
a lifesaver! It is perfect for those
unexpected absences or planned 
days off! I created a classroom
management activity to go with it!

There are 3 complete days worth
of lessons in Ashley's packet...
one for the beginning 
of the year, middle of the year,
and end of the year!

You can enter to win both PLUS
my Missing Teacher Investigation,
which is so much fun for a planned
day off! Just don't tell the students
you will be gone that day! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Click each picture to check out
what one lucky person will win!

She has a 1st Grade and Kindergarten
edition available, so you can choose!

B,M,E Sub Tub {Prep Once, Have Emergency Plans All Year!}       BME Sub Tub for Kindergarten
Classroom Management

Here is a freebie to use if you 
have purchased, are interested in
purchasing or win Ashley's Sub Tub!
I didn't have one of the books,
so I made an alternate activity last year!

Compare and Contrast: Real Dogs Vs. Martha

Sub Plans

This is a freebie!

Classroom Management

Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wanna Win Sub Plans?!

Head over to my Facebook
page for your chance to win
my Missing Teacher Sub Plans!

Today only! 
I will pick a winner tonight!

You can also check it out here!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

$40 Giveaway and Dressing Up!

Before I get to my post, I have an exciting 
giveaway for you to enter! One lucky person
will win $40 to spend on back to school!
$20 TpT gift certificate and a
$20 Staples gift certificate!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now wasn't that easy?!

Click here to get this for 50% off!
You get 5 games and 5 independent 
sheets for each of the vowels for $5!
Want to try a freebie from it?!
Click here!

Now, I bet you were thinking
from the title that this post
was going to be about
dressing for school?

I love to dress the part, as much 
as I have can, when I read stories
 to the students.

Here is Fancy Nancy reading 
one of her stories to her friends.

I didn't have a picture of 
The Cat in the Hat 
(either of them)
reading so I included
the whole class picture.

This one is just plain, old me....
with a skunk on my head....
reading The Easter Bunny's Assistant.

Here is a teacher from
long ago with her students
in a one room school house.
I (I mean, she) read from
an old school primer.

Just a little 50th day of school fun!


Wacky Tacky Day!
Tacky the Penguin

This one isn't me,
though it's my costume.
I just can't put that 
head on mine...


Last one I can find 
in my pictures!

Do you dress up? 
I'd love to know how!

Quick Tip!

Set your laminator on the edge
of the table facing a chair!
Saves a step when you are laminating
a bunch! The pages pile up nicely on
the chair and you don't have to pick it
up and move it to put the next laminating
sheet in!

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Story Souvenirs and a $40 GIVEAWAY!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Looking for some great deals? 
Head over to Kelly and Kim's
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products....marked down!

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I am marking down my
Back to School Poems!

They are 50% off until Friday!

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Back to School Poems

Get a freebie from the packet here!

I posted about story souvenirs on 
Facebook and there was interest,
so I thought I'd share what
they are, in case you haven't heard
of them, and how I give them!

Story souvenirs are little items
that relate to a story that students 
get to keep in a souvenir box until the
end of the year.  If you choose to start
this, students WILL ask you if they can
please take it home...each and every time...
each and every matter how
many times you say no...
until the yucky teeth...those go home!

Penguin eraser

Here's the yucky teeth

Place story souvenirs in a gift bag.
I use craft bags.

Product Details

Read a fiction and nonfiction book 
of your choice to introduce a new 
theme you are studying.

Have students guess what story 
souvenir is in the bag.  I like to draw it 
out a little...adds to the suspense! 
I have students keep them at school 
until the end of the year in their 
“story souvenir box” (pencil box).  
They love going back, looking through 
them and remembering the stories!  
Students can fill out a sheet to take 
home and share with their families.
(Link to the freebie below)

Oriental Trading order!

apple erasers

sheriff badges-careers
(Officer Buckle and Gloria)

witch fingers-The Big Pumpkin

(we also do a compound eye activity)


I've given story souvenirs for quite a
few years.  I recently started a Pinterest
board that you can see here.  It shows 
some of my fiction and nonfiction pairs
with a story souvenir.  I plan to add
the rest of them to the board this year, 
after I've taken the pictures!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday  Freebie Friday

I created a sheet for students to 
complete about their souvenir.
Get it free here!

*I don't buy all of them myself.
I ask for parents to sign up
to donate some of them.

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