Monday, March 24, 2014

Birthday and Star of the Week Freebies!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Do you have a classroom economy
or do star of the week?

If so, the following freebies may
come in handy!

I give these certificates to the
student and when we have store,
they may spend them.
(I write their name on the back.)

Click here to get the freebies!

Birthday & Star Gift Certificates for Classroom Stores
Birthday & Star Gift Certificates for Classroom Stores
The following are on the desk
with all the other goodies,
when the star or birthday child
comes in that morning.
They are also free, though I have
posted them before.

Click here!

Birthday Song Printable

Click here!
Star of the Week Poem 2

Check out this post for how I 
present their birthday swag!

Check out this post for how I
present their star swag!

If you are looking for a
fun activity for a sub, on
a day you know you will
be gone, check this out!
Click here!


This is now a full day of
activities for a sub!

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Announcing...The King and Queen of Quiet!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday 

I am always looking for new 
behavior management ideas.
I read about this somewhere,
so I made crowns for the students!
Have a supply ready on card stock.
Award to a student who is working
quietly or has a clean desk.
That student will get to color and
cut it out while the other students
are having a mini lesson on class
rules, cleaning their desks or working 
on an assignment that would be okay 
for the king or queen to miss.
Be sure to ham it up with a trumpet 
sound and a British accent
as you introduce them!

The King and Queen of Quiet!

Click the picture to get it free!

Here are a couple more freebies from
the past for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow. 
Click the pictures!

Leprechaun Poem and VisualizationSt.Patrick's Day Note from the Leprechaun

I failed to take pictures of our
St. Patrick's Day activities last week.
We are out this week on spring break.
Here are a few I did manage to snap,
after the fact.

I found these sour rainbow sticks
to add to our Leprechaun floats.
I used lime sherbert and Sierra Mist.
They were a hit!

My daughter's leprechaun trap!
End of the Rainbow Motel

failed Leprechaun hats...
The kiddos were so disappointed
their hats were gone.
I told them the Leprechaun must
have loved them and needed some
new hats! It worked...I think...

I have no idea why this happened?!
They melted the INSTANT I put them in the oven!!

Just in case you are looking for some 
new math games or practice!
Click the pictures to check them out!

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Monday, March 10, 2014

1st Grade Dog with a Blog, Jokes and Siblings

I saw this idea on Pinterest.
It is actually a linky??..I think.
However, I wasn't interested in
that right now.  I just thought it
would be neat to have Stan from
Dog with a Blog set up a blog for
us...okay, I did it...and we could
adopt a dog that would blog to us
and go home with students at night.

We shall see....we shall see....
I really just needed one more thing to do!

The blog I saw didn't have Stan 
setting up the whole thing. I just
wanted to because it made sense
for the blog to be started by him
and turned over to our adopted dog!

1st Grade Dog with a Blog

Of course, our dog will tell a joke,
hopefully always a dog joke, at the 
end of each post.

My kiddos LOVE jokes!
They can't wait until after their
Read to Self rotation to tell me
the funniest joke they read.

Which leads me to a freebie.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

I made the half page version for
each student to keep in their book
boxes.  I made extras to put in our
Read to Someone container.

Click here to get it free!

Did you know there was a 
Sibling Day?!

Me either!

It's April 10th. If you are looking
for a break from the regular routine,
you could check this packet out and
celebrate this special day!

Click here!

This is a great book to read with
this packet, but not necessary!

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Fish Estimation & Dr. You Know Who       Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Do you have an estimation station?
I recently started mine with this activity.
It is free in the preview file here.

I forgot to take a picture of our estimating
and the math activity we do after.
It is by Jen Ross from Teacher by the Beach.
I was unable to find the product on TpT to link to it.

Fish Math

Most kids guessed 100 or 120 fish in our

One child guessed 300 so he won the prize
for being the closest.

A package of Swedish Fish!

Afterwards, I wondered why I didn't buy a 
small carton of Goldfish crackers to give
as the prize?!

There were actually 500 fish in it, give or take.
Obviously we need some work at estimating!

I counted how many went in the scoop
and then just multiplied by number of scoops.

A few pics from our week.
I forgot to take pictures most days.

A visit from the Cat in the Hat!


Who Hair


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