Monday, September 30, 2013

Daily Five and Boggle Freebie

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday   

Click here for your Boggle freebies!
These would be great for fast finishers,
morning work, centers, etc.

Do you do the Daily 5 or are
you interested in seeing it in action?

My post today is snapshots of my students
in action during the Daily 5 and materials I use.

I LOVE the Daily 5 for many reasons!

We build our stamina and train so 
students become independent 
readers and writers.

I don't have to prep and change literacy centers!
THAT is my favorite thing about the Daily Five!

Product Details

I reread parts of it every year 
and NEVER get tired of it!

Building our Stamina

Click the picture to check out the freebie 
stamina graphs from Ashley Magee!

FREE! Daily 5 Stamina Graphs
Ideally, you are to keep the anchor charts
 you make as a whole class and hang them
up for referral. I don't have the space so I use
anchor charts I found on TpT. I can't find the
creator of these but they were a freebie!
There are many freebies for anchor charts on there!

Read to Self

Book boxes for Read to Self are a must!
I bought these through IKEA for $1.99 for 5
plus shipping! Compared to others I found, even
with shipping, it was a great deal!
PLUS, students get to decorate them and
keep them at the end of the year!
Click the picture to check them out!
FLYT Magazine file IKEA

Read to Someone

Forgot to get pictures!

Word Work

I use Jen Ross's Spelling 
Throughout the Year, so for
Word Work, I copy the included
spelling pattern word cards and sight word 
cards, front to back, and place these with the
Word Work materials for the week.

Click the picture to check it out!

Spelling Throughout the Year: Phonics, word families, and
Erica Bohrer's Word Wall Words
packet goes perfectly with the spelling
(and my Safari theme)!
They both use the Fry word lists.

Click the picture to check it out.
She has about every theme you
can imagine! Just visit her store!
She also has the headers for your word wall.

LARGE Wild Animal Print Word Wall Words {Editable}
I keep Word Work as simple as possible!
No centers to prep! LOVE it!



Dry erase boards

Adding tape

Work on Writing

I own all of First Grade Fun Times
D5 Work on Writing cards.
I put out one set at a time, for
about 3-4 weeks each, so students
get a lot of practice with each skill.

These have been a lifesaver!
No more "What do I write about?"
Click the picture to check out set #1
and visit her store to see the rest!

D5 Work on Writing - Writing Cards for List Making and More
Rachelle Smith from What the Teacher Wants
has these adorable journal covers. I run them
on regular copy paper and the students color them.
All Work on Writing is written in these journals.
Click the picture to check it out in her store!

Journals Through the Year
Forgot pictures here too!

Listen to Reading 

Seasonal books on CD

Leapfrog Tags

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Aliens Love Underpants! and Visualization

    Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

I created this craftivity to
use during our short u week.
If you would like it, click here!

Product Details

The month of September is
our Laura Numeroff author study.
We start with the "What __ Do Best" 
series because we are studying families.
Next we go to Dogs Don't Wear Sneakers
because we start a theme on pets
and do a visualization activity I got from
TpT I believe. They visualize another animal
and what it could wear. Then we read
Why a Disguise? and write an opinion piece
on the best place to wear a disguise.
Our story souvenir is the fun mustache 
and nose glasses!
We read her other books throughout 
the month. Once a week, we read
one of her "If You Give a ___" books
and have the treat from the book.
We have enjoyed cookies and donuts so far!
We are a little behind...we had WAY to many
early outs due to the heat!


Click here to get this cute visualization activity for Dogs Don't Wear Sneakers!

Here are two more visualization activities.
The poem is copied on the back.
I pass out the paper with this side up.
I read the poem and they visualize.
They draw what they visualized.
I read the poem again.
They turn their paper over to see 
the "real" illustration.
Both poems are by Shel Silverstein.

Family Trees

Story Souvenir 
for Pet Week #2

Check out my Pinterest
board for souvenirs here!

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Friday, September 13, 2013

A Trip Back in Time and Updates


1. A theme in our reading series
is School Then and Now.
We have a one room school house
in our town, so every year, my 
first graders and I travel back in time!
We spend the morning there.
It is always so much fun!

Our "serious" faces like pictures long ago.
Yes, I am wearing a dress over my clothes.
Gotta play the part!

Lunch outside

A game of leapfrog

A game of tag

Another serious pose

Silly faces

2. Once a week, I try to do a science
experiment with my class.
This was our first experiment of the year.

If you would like to check out my
packet of 6 simple experiments, 
click here.

3. Student supply
organization trial
from this post...


They aren't working.
They are hard to carry
and not everything fits
in the drawers.

4. Behavior Management
Idea from this post...


This is a lot of fun!
I even found these bracelets
to keep in the case to hand out
for the rewards! They are in the
Scholastic bonus catalog!
Use your bonus points and they are

5. Final head count in
my classroom...

See just about every post since 
school got out last year...



One of my kiddos last day was today.'s less than 30!

+1 more! 
DIY Black Pocket Chart


I love my black pocket chart!
Check out this post if you are 
interested in making your own!

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