Friday, May 31, 2013

Shorty Awards, Dinos and Chicken Soup with Rice

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This will be my last Five for Friday
and Friday Flashback until
school starts again! I have enjoyed 
participating in this weekly linky!
I hope you were able to get some 
new ideas from my posts!
I know I found many amazing 
new things to do and try from blogging!

1. The Shorty Awards

(Movie Award, Candy Bar Award
and Classy Award)

Parents are invited to our
annual Shorty Awards.

(I didn't get any pictures of parents!!!)

Students walk the red carpet and
 receive an award for their 
performances in our three class movies. 

I buy the Movie Buff awards
 at Oriental Trading.

12 Movie Buff Gold Trophies

  They give an acceptance speech.

I award them their Classy Award
and their Candy Bar Award.

I have done these for years.
Mine were NOT cute!
I found these from Reagan
and they are FREE!!!
Much better!

We eat snacks while watching a
movie (picture slideshow) of our year.
(I forgot the before picture!)

We view our star biographies
and Walk of Fame stars.

We get star autographs
and the paparazzi take pics!

The award certificates and
the autograph page go into
their scrapbooks.  The scrapbooks
contains their quarterly self-portraits,
writing samples, a letter from their
parent when they were star of the week,
letters to Santa and the president as
well as the president's letter to them.
I am sure I am forgetting some things!

At the end of they day,
we watch the 3 movies we made!

Where Are They Now?
The Peter Rabbit Operetta
The Mother's Day Tea

2. Dinosaurs

This is a t-rex footprint!

Does anyone know where I can
get these plastic dino skeletons????

I have had them for years and can't
find them to buy more! I bake them
in chocolate cupcakes for the students
to "dig" for dinosaurs.  They love this
and I hated not doing it with my class
this year! I only had 20 left! 

They don't actually glow...
this guy is orange and the flash
from my camera did something wonky!

3. Character Counts

Each quarter we have a Character
Counts party to celebrate the students
who have achieved character counts behavior.
We were supposed to go to the park,
but due to the rain, rain, rain,
we had to have it in the gym.
We played fun songs for 30 minutes 
while the kids and staff danced.
We also enjoyed popsicles. 

Quarter 1- bowling at a bowling alley
Quarter 2- games in the classroom
Quarter 3- movie with popcorn and drink

4. Chicken Soup with Rice

Product Details

For one of our weekly poems,
at the beginning of each month,
we read the Chicken Soup with Rice
poem out of our big book for that month.
I have typed copies for the kids to put
in their poetry binder.
At the end of the school year, we watch
the video and have chicken soup with rice.
I didn't take pictures!
I couldn't find a big book to link to it.
I couldn't find the video to link to it either!

5.  Track and Field Day

Track and Field was cut short because
of the rain. The two events that we did have 
were on the cement in front of the
school instead of the football field.
A little disappointing but they had
fun anyway!

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Wizard of Oz, Puppy Palooza, Lemonade Stand, Poetry Parade and a Book Swap

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

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I will add these tags to
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and easy end of year gift for
my students! I do several other
things as well! Check back next 
next Friday for all of my end of the
year activities!


1. Wizard of Oz

This is what greeted the students
Monday morning. Students were 
guessing away about what it could be
and what happened.  Later that day,
we looked through this cool pop up book.

Product Details

We then watched The Wizard of Oz.

The Wizard of Oz Literacy and Math Unit           Wonderful Wizard of Oz Math & Literacy Centers

Click on the above pics to check these units out!
We used parts of both this week.

Toto showed up to visit this week!

2. Puppy Palooza

Puppy Palooza How Rocket Learned to Read Book Study Unit        Blank Student Awards: Puppy Palooza Style!

This is an adorable unit and idea I read about on Reagan's blog. I just knew it would be perfect for 
an end of year activity! The kiddos are loving it! 
They got to adopt a puppy and teach it to read!

It is based on the book How Rocket Learned to Read.
Click here and here to check it out on TpT!

I had about 15 dogs and found another 15 at our
used store in town.  They donated them all to me since it was for school! 

Product Details

Our award ceremony for our
puppies who learned to read!

3. Lemonade Stand

My first graders sold lemonade 
before and after school. We were
going to donate the money to a 
children's hospital this year,
but after the tornado in Moore, OK,
they want to send the money to the
schools.  Last year, the kids voted
to support Alex's Lemonade Stand,
which is a wonderful cause as well.

4. Poetry Parade

I have most of our weekly poems
on large posters.  I glued a copy of 
the poem on the back of the posters.
At the end of the year, we go on 
a poetry parade and read our poems
to the Kindergarten, 2nd grade and 3rd.
Students could wear a silly hat for the
parade and as you can see, this year,
most forgot them!

5. Book Swap

Students decorate a cereal box,
which becomes their summer reading box.
They may bring up to 5 books to swap.
The 2nd grade teacher and I lay out all
of our books that we have saved for the 
swap and the kids lay out their books.
We send a few at a time to choose a new book,
taking turns until they have chosen the number
of books that they brought to the swap.
At the end, we let the kids each choose 
one more book as a surprise.


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