Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Show & Tell Tuesday and I'm on Facebook!

I am so excited to have my blog 
showcased on Amanda's blog!
It is super sweet of her to help new
bloggers out this way! Makes you feel
welcomed to the bloggy world!
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This is an awesome poem!
It is called,
Ode to the Copyrighted Feline!
It is written by a lady at 
Teaching Resource Resort!
It describes exactly how I have
been feeling about
"He who can not be mentioned"!

Check it out here!

Happy Birthday to the Copyrighted Feline!

I am linking up with Denise to show 
everyone my classroom setup!
Only, I have zero new pictures
without the kiddos and I wasn't
at school today!


Here's one from the doorway!
This angle looks the same!
I will add more tomorrow!


Maybe I can add more
pictures tomorrow?!?!

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I just started it today!

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Don't forget this awesome
giveaway from Khrys at
Keepin' It Kool In Kinderland!

She is such a sweet person
and her blog is so fun to read!
Check her out if you haven't already!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Blends, Shapes, 3 Little Freebies, 4 Giveaways & 1 Sale!

The winner for best teacher is....
Photo: And the winner....of the Best Teacher Award....goes to....YOU!  Have a great week!


Totally took this idea from
Teacher Tipster!

In March we begin our Nutrition Unit.
Here is a sneak peek of one 
activity I do with the kiddos!
They give me a quote that I add 
to their milk mustache picture.
Add a "Got Milk?" label
and you have a mini poster!

We hang ours in the 
cafeteria right above the milk! 

I send them home afterwards
with a magnet attached so they
can hang them on the fridge!

I added a couple of new ideas
to my blends and shapes lessons!
I found several of these on a neat new blog!

First Grade Buddies

Hop on over and meet
Tamra & Sarah!

They used magazines and
had the students search for
an assigned blend.  The students
glued these to a square.
One of the ladies made a quilt, 
the other hung them from her
classroom clothesline.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Thank you to Charity
for hosting this great
linky every week!

I decided to make a sign
and call mine a blend blanket!
Click here for the freebie (1) sign!

Here is one of my newest products 
that I am so excited about!! 
This is just one of the ELA 
common core skills included!
Click the picture to check it out!

You can also enter to win here!

Giveaway (1)

Hop over and visit Our Sweet Success!

Tamra & Sarah also made GeoAnimals out
of recycled 3D shapes!
Click here for a freebie (2) note home I made!

This next idea came from Tammy at

Students will go to the sign 
to work out a problem.

Click the picture for the freebie (3) sign!

If you are looking for a little something more, 
I made this flip book to replace my old "work it out" book.
Click here to check it out in my TpT store!
Students take the book to a quiet spot and go through
each page of the 5 problem solving steps to work out their problem.

Up Next...
the wonderfully sweet Khrys at

Grab My Button

is having a super cute 
Giveaway (2)!
As much as I want to keep this to
myself so I can win, everyone
should know about this so you can
The Naughty Leprechaun!
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Giveaway (3)

Less than 2 days left to enter
this amazing giveaway from
these two lovely ladies,
Kimberly Ann & Irene!
Hurry over!

Live, Laugh, I Love Kindergarten           Learning With Mrs. Leeby

And last but not least....

Kindergarten, First, Second, Third - TeachersPayTeachers.com

I have sold
500 products
in my TpT store!
This is so exciting to me!
I love a celebration!
Anyone have some cake??

Guess what my in-laws just 
brought over?!?!?
You guessed it!


Leftover from their 50th 
Anniversary open house!


In celebration and to thank
everyone, everything in my
store is 20% off until Wednesday!
I love TpT for all of the fabulous
items I have bought and received
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Kindergarten, First, Second, Third - TeachersPayTeachers.com

Giveaway (4)

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

AND if you are still reading...
hop over to my post to read
 about this linky by Melissa
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Naughty Leprechaun Giveaway & Wishlist Linky!

I am linking up with a new 
bloggy friend I just met!

Melissa at
First Grade Smiles

is having this fun wishlist linky!

My faves for every new school year!

& more

See this post about my smelly obsession!

I also buy a ton of story souvenirs, 
mostly from Oriental Trading!
Here are a few of the things I buy
for souvenirs!


The wishlist is hard because there are SO many
things I wish to have for my classroom!

I'll start with my: 

TpT wishlist

cart_ico CART 3 | WISH LIST 128
Hello Kim!

That is AFTER my purchases 
Super Bowl weekend + 
many purchases since then!!

I found ideas for these neat books 
on a post from Lisa at

Growing Firsties

These are on my:

Amazon Wishlist

How to Raise Mom and DadHow to Babysit a Grandpa

How to Clean Your Room in 10 Easy Steps   How to Be a Baby . . . by Me, the Big Sister (How To Series)

Next on my:

Other Site Wishlist 

The Naughty Leprechaun

Check it out on the link above AND
enter to win one at the adorable
Khrys's blog!

Grab My Button

I need more math manipulatives!
That brings me to the next items on
my wishlist:

Math Wishlist

 Hot   Dots ® Math Kits 

This is just a couple of the math things
I am wishing for! I don't want to bore you!

Organization Wishlist

I wish for organization in my classroom!
There just isn't enough space for all of 
my junk precious teaching materials!

Do cabinets like this...Lessons with Laughter: Classroom OrganizationClassroom Organization IdeasClassroom organization inspiration

I could literally go on and on and on, 
probably for days...
so I will just stop!

One more wish though!
This would make all my wishes come true!

Funny from a Honey

Last night we went out to dinner for
my in-laws 50th anniversary, after their
open house.  After eating two bites, my
youngest says, "I can't eat anymore. 
My teeth are tired!"
Cracks me up!

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