Monday, December 30, 2013

Clip Chart Behavior Report

Happy New Year!

I am having a 20% off sale in
my TpT store on New Year's Eve
and New Year's Day!

I created a Roll and Write activity
for my students to use during Word Work.
I found Jen Ross's (The Teacher's Cauldron)
spelling packet and love it, so I wanted an easy
to implement game, using the words from the program. 

Jen graciously gave me permission
to offer my product on TpT!

Thank you Jen!!!

Here are links to her blog, TpT store
and the spelling packet!


The Teacher's Cauldron

Jen Ross 
TpT Store

Spelling Throughout the Year: 
1st Grade Edition

Click the picture to check out 
my packet in my TpT store.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday   

Do you use a clip chart? 
I am back and forth on my feelings
about using it, but with my current
class, it works. However, I am
not the best at remembering why
(when parents call/text/email)
students clip down and if they clip
down for another teacher, forget it!

Clip chart placement last year.
Clip chart placement this year.

I created these reports to give  
responsibility to the student. 
They fill in the reason, we sign it at the 
end of the day, a parent signs it and 
they bring it back the next day.

The student receives the paper
to fill out after they have clipped down.
They keep it on their clipboard in their
desk until the end of the day. With
some students, I keep them at
my desk and have them fill them out
with me. Saves it getting lost!

Click here to get the freebie
or here in my TpT store!

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

North Pole News and a little Elf and Grinch Fun!

Our classroom elf will arrive....
FINALLY, on Monday!
Each day he returns from the
North Pole, he will bring the daily
newspaper to share with students.

I will post picture on this blog post
as soon as he arrives!

This adorable Elf Diary is from
Cara Carroll and it's a freebie!

Click here to check out my "newspapers" in 
my TpT store. Download the preview
for a freebie newspaper!

There are 10 original "newspapers" included.

The following are pictures from last year,
but I will be doing them again this year.

We will have a Grinchy Day on Wednesday.
Students will dress in green and we will
enjoy Whoville Christmas trees and Grinch 
punch. I will add new pictures next post!

These are from last year.


Click here to get these freebies!

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Gingerbread Man Ran!

While a Gingerbread Man hunt is fun, 
it isn't necessarily common core...


I made a little making predictions 
booklet so I can now say,
Why yes, this IS a common core activity!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday      
Click the cover for your freebie!

I am so excited about this product
I just made! I will have our classroom
elf bring one back from the North Pole
 each day of the week, starting Monday.
If you don't have a classroom elf, you
can just have them delivered to your classroom.

Click here to check it out!

There are 5 10 original "newspapers"
included in this packet and I am
working on more. I plan to have 10.


All 10 are finished and in the product!

I was very excited to find this linky!
I am always looking for new ideas
and love to share mine!

Here are a few pics from last years
visit from our elf! He brought red candy
canes, which the Grinch licked green!
Fortunately, Santa sent new red ones!

Click here for last years post and links 
to some more Gingerbread Man activities!
There are several, including a missing poster
for the Gingerbread Man.

I picked up a couple of these
little guys last year on clearance and 
froze them. Makes things a little
easier! I was making homemade
gingerbread dough and making
my own gingerbread men to run
away each year but this simplifies 
things! We don't eat this Gingerbread
Man. I buy small cookies for the students
to decorate and eat.

I created a couple of new products
to use in my classroom for math early
finishers...or just to take a break and 
have a little extra Christmas fun!
 Click each of the covers to
check them out in my TpT store!

I love teaching inference and the
Disney Pixar short films are a fun
and engaging way to add to our lessons.
I created a few graphic organizers to
go with several of these short films.
Click the cover to check it out!

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Compare and Contrast Freebie

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday  

I just purchased an amazing
sub tub! I couldn't wait to get back
to school today to get it ready!

However, I didn't have one of the books,
so I made this to replace one of the activities.
Click the picture below to get it.

Click here to check out the sub tub.
It is wonderful! It is common core aligned
for first grade, has COMPLETE lesson
plans and lessons for an entire day
for the beginning of the year, middle of
the year and end of the year!
AND it's so simple to assemble!


B,M,E Sub Tub {Prep Once, Have Emergency Plans All Year!}
My newest product!
Click here to check it out!
It includes a nonfiction reading 
passage with common core 
questions, an opinion writing
prompt and simple craftivity!

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