Monday, December 30, 2013

Clip Chart Behavior Report

Happy New Year!

I am having a 20% off sale in
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I created a Roll and Write activity
for my students to use during Word Work.
I found Jen Ross's (The Teacher's Cauldron)
spelling packet and love it, so I wanted an easy
to implement game, using the words from the program. 

Jen graciously gave me permission
to offer my product on TpT!

Thank you Jen!!!

Here are links to her blog, TpT store
and the spelling packet!


The Teacher's Cauldron

Jen Ross 
TpT Store

Spelling Throughout the Year: 
1st Grade Edition

Click the picture to check out 
my packet in my TpT store.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday   

Do you use a clip chart? 
I am back and forth on my feelings
about using it, but with my current
class, it works. However, I am
not the best at remembering why
(when parents call/text/email)
students clip down and if they clip
down for another teacher, forget it!

Clip chart placement last year.
Clip chart placement this year.

I created these reports to give  
responsibility to the student. 
They fill in the reason, we sign it at the 
end of the day, a parent signs it and 
they bring it back the next day.

The student receives the paper
to fill out after they have clipped down.
They keep it on their clipboard in their
desk until the end of the day. With
some students, I keep them at
my desk and have them fill them out
with me. Saves it getting lost!

Click here to get the freebie
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