Monday, April 29, 2013

Target Treasure Linky

I LOVE seeing what
everyone finds at Target!
Let's have a linky! 
Maybe even a once a month linky?!

Let's have a 
Target Treasure Linky
& share what we find
in the Target bins and what you 
are using them for in the classroom!
It can be something you have
had for awhile or something you 
just found! Maybe you even NEED 
ideas for your great find and someone 
else can comment and help out!

I have had these foam stars
for awhile! I have 30 total.
Any suggestions?!

Grab the Target Treasure Linky image
above and link up your great finds!

Also, I obviously made the linky button
myself and it you all are interested in this
as a linky, would someone be willing to 
design a cuter button???

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

SuperSpeed 100

I love many parts of 
Whole Brain Teaching!
SuperSpeed 100 is one of 
my favorite ideas from 
Whole Brain!

I made covers and 100 charts
for SuperSpeed 100 at the beginning
of the year but decided to give them
a face lift and share them!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Click here for the freebie!
You will need to visit
the Whole Brain Teaching site
for the packet of words!

Your kiddos will love it!

I've updated the look a little...
but now I can't decide which I like better!

Teacher Tipster!

Donna at Math Coach's Corner
blogged about subitizing 
and the Teacher Tipster's
new app! You must check it out!
It's called The Subitize Tree!

Also, if you read my posts about
the Fries Prize, also by Teacher Tipster,
it is still going strong and working like a charm! 
I call it the Fries Prize for Hands & Eyes!
(Hands & Eyes is also Whole Brain!)

If you missed it, read more here!

Check back tomorrow
(Tuesday) to see what this is all about!

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Poetry for the Common Core! First 3 Get it FREE!

In honor of the end of
poetry month,
I am giving away my
newest packet to the first
three who comment and 
leave their email!

You can check it out here!

Poetry For the Common Core & A Little More!

You can also check out my first packet,
Poetry for the Common Core 
& a Little Bit More here!

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Freebie Friday, Insects and the Peter Rabbit Operetta

It's Friday!
I have two freebie poems
for you! Read on!

Freebie poem

Click here to check out this product!
The freebie poem is in the download preview!

One more freebie!
Click here to get it!


1. Earth Day

We started Earth Day with
a visit from Fancy Nancy
and her story,
Every Day is Earth Day.

Product Details

This cute activity came from
Fun 2B in First!

We wrote about how we can help the earth.

2. Insects

Fiction & Nonfiction Pair
with insect story souvenir

This is a fun insect activity 
from Deanna Jump.
Students received another story
souvenir after reading that insects have 
compound eyes. We used them to look
at each other and draw what we saw
from a bug's eye view!

Are bugs creepy or cool?

Another fun activity from
Deanna Jump's packet.
Students surveyed 10 friends
to see if they think bugs are 
creepy or cool. They tallied,
graphed and answered a few questions.

Fly Day!

We watched the video of
Diary of a Fly and read a 
nonfiction book about flies
on BookFlix, which is through
our Area Education Agency.

Two more read alouds on fly day
 with fun fly glasses!
Old Black Fly is one of my favorite books!

We have read every 
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a..
story this year! I pulled out the
Old Lady to Celebrate and act
out the original story!

 This cute fly craft is from 
From the Pond.

We wrote about if we were a fly,
what would we do.
The students got pretty creative!

Ant Day!

Fiction and Nonfiction Pair
and song  
story souvenir ant

This craftivity and writing prompt
 came from Cara Carroll! 
I LOVE how they turned out!

 3. Worms

We started our worm day reading this story 
and singing this song.  We discussed why dirt
is important. Then, I took this bag around and had 
the kids feel inside.  I told them there may
or may not be worms in the bag!
We also compared worms to insects.

Note the boy in red in the last two pics! 
Cracks me up!

(Cellentani pasta, not WORMS!)

Students filled out the sheet 
about what they thought was
in the bowl and then what was
actually in the bowl.

All but one student thought it
was worms! That one little one
said it was macaroni! 

One kiddo even REFUSED to
put his hand in to feel it!

Afterwards, he said,
"Pasta? You scared us with pasta?!"

We filled out a worms are, can, have 
sheet and wrote a story about a worm.
These activities came from
First Grade Blue Skies.

We shared our worm stories.

Then of course, we ended worm
day by making dirt with a worm inside!

Students completed the procedural 
writing for making dirt before they ate.

4. 2D Shapes


alien             turtle

     table      Christmas tree

smiling cat          trampoline

The students got so creative
on these! I just love them!
I think the turtle and chrysalis
are my favorites! SHH!!
No favorites allowed!

Click here to check out
this fun class book in my TpT store!

5. Peter Rabbit Operetta

I have had students perform this 
for years and I still LOVE it!
We have this during the day and
invite families members. 

The script came from
 Lucy Jensen and Cherry Carl.
Students draw and paint the props.
I use Jan Brett's printable animals 
for the animal chorus.

Butterfly Update
Our first batch of caterpillars died.
Every single one of them.
They had to have been sick.
The company sent us a new batch
and they are doing wonderfully!

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