Friday, April 19, 2013

Freebie Friday and The Fries Prize!

A great big THANK YOU to Fern
at Teaching Blog Addict!
She featured my Eating 3D Shapes 
activity this week! 
I was super excited to see that email!
I hope many of you found the activity
fun and useful!

Scroll down to Frogs for the freebie!


1. The Fries Prize

My new favorite from 
Teacher Tipster!

The kiddos are
lovin' it!

Teacher Tipster used a Kleenex
to hide the prize, but I thought, 
I must have fries to hide the prize!

Hint: If you do this, don't cut the 
box off of the paper fries so it will fit
in the fries box! I also laminated the fries.
I found it on google images.

Hide a small prize inside.
Award it to a student following
a specific direction.
I have hid a Fruit by the Foot
and a star shaped post it note pad
in it so far!

We are having a hard time 
keeping our hands and eyes on me
the WHOLE time.

Whole Brain:

"Classity Class"
"Yessity Yes"
"Hands & eyes!"

(This is where they clasp their hands
and focus their eyes on you...

They do, this very well...
however, keeping their eyes on me
 is a struggle right now!


The fries prize for hands & eyes!

I'm lovin' it!

Thanks Teacher Tipster!

2. Frogs

Fiction and nonfiction pair plus a song
Story souvenir: frog

Click here for the freebie craftivity!

More of my favorite fiction & nonfiction pairs!

3. Geometry 
2D & 3D Shapes

(Shape monster book from ??)



This next idea came from Tamra & Sarah
at First Grade Buddies!


Click here to go to their site!

Click here for a freebie note home!







in his house

This next idea is from Reagan at


Symmetry Salad!
Thanks for sharing the idea Reagan!

Reagan used stickers but mine didn't arrive in time
so I had the kiddos use foam shapes!

Go here to see more ideas from last week!

Click here to check out 
my newest 2D shape product!

4. Snakes

Our theme for the week in whole class
reading is animals. I had these big
snakes from a mom who sent them as
a story souvenir.  I used small ones for
our pet theme and the story 
The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash.

I pulled thesssse out for a day of ssssnake learning
ssssssince it fit with our theme thisssss week!
The kiddossss went all kindssss of nutsssss!!
We also watched a short video on sssssnakes that
I ordered from our Area Education Agency.

5. Peter Rabbit Operetta

We are working hard on memorizing our lines!
We will film at the beginning of next week
and perform it live for parents on Friday!
We still need to make our set too!
Yikes...time's getting away!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love your Geo Animals! We did that too and our kiddos had a blast! Have a nice weekend!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  2. Thank you SO much for the awesome Froggie Freebie! We're working on amphibians this week and I've been looking for something new to add! Fabulous!

    Lucky to Be in First

  3. Lots of great ideas! Love the geoanimals! We just finished the geometry unit in our math and that would have been great to do. Oh well, tuck it away for next year:)

  4. Your frogs are stinkin adorable! Just found you through 5 for Friday and I'm so glad I did! :)

    Primary Buzz