Friday, April 19, 2013

Be a Fly on My Wall Linky

Thank you Jodi!
I have been working on this post all week!
I am so excited to share my day and
look forward to reading about other
first grade teachers schedules!

Students come in to our classrooms
at 8:00.  Some go to breakfast, others
work on different morning activities.
First they must put away their SAFARI books
(Students & Families Are Responsible and Informed)
get their chair and sharpen their pencils.


Monday- Magazine Monday
Students read from a variety of 
magazine such as Zoobooks,
National Geographic Kids, Nick Kids etc.

Tuesday- Tune up Tuesday
Students make a sight word catcher
from Jessica at A Turn to Learn,
or practice identifying letters by vowels
and consonants.

Wednesday- Word Search Wednesday
Students complete a word search
based on our spelling skill of the week.
I get most of them here-

Thursday- Think Outside the Box
Students turn an image into something
other than what the image may look like.
A freebie from First Grade Wow I believe!

Friday- Fidget with it Friday
Students are allowed to get out the TOYS!


Morning announcements, lunch count
and Chicken Fat exercise. 

Product Details


Morning Meeting

calendar activities

146 days of school
(You can see the 100, then the 40 and
the 6 ones are on the wall)

more calendar activities

weekly jobs

 poem of the week

 author studies
Carle and Lobel

morning greeting task
(From ??)

Dr. Jean songs
Our morning meeting consists of calendar, 
classroom job assignments,
special of the day, weekly poem reading,
(I use Chicken Soup with Rice by Maurice Sendak
for the first week of the month and then the
poems correlate with our weekly theme.)
author study story ( changes monthly), 
morning greeting task
and Dr. Jean morning songs.
(Days of the Week & Months Macarena)

Product Details

Students go back to their seats and
we get out our poetry binders to practice our
poem of the week.  We then take out our 
Literacy folders and do SuperSpeed by
Whole Brain Teaching or One Breath Boxes.

Reading Fluency One Breath Boxes - Fry Words 1-50
On Friday we play Cheerios.
Get the freebie here!


Spelling activity
I do a variety of activities here.
We watch a short video clip on youtube
if I can find one, put them in abc order, 
syllables, blending and segmenting,
write words that rhyme, and use portions of
 Babbling Abby's Word Work packs.

Pretest to see if they get the regular list
or the challenge list for the week

My spelling units come from
Hope King at 2nd Grade Shenanigans.
I love this! It covers the common core
and it is differentiated with a regular
& challenge list!

First Grade Word Study


Whole class reading
We begin with a song from youtube or a 
CD that matches the skill we are working on
or a song that reviews a skill.

We then do a phonics activity, comprehension strategy and whole class reading activity. I try to center these around fiction and nonfiction pairs such as these and try to align everything to a theme.

I use the Beanie Baby Strategy posters,
(which we refer back to all year long!)

Comprehension Strategy Posters {Chevron Stripes}
the Comprehension poster sets from
Live Laugh Love Kindergarten
(which we also refer back to all year long!)

Comprehension Poster Set #1

an appropriate matching graphic organizer,

Common Core Standards Graphic Organizers for Reading: 1st     
from Jamie Rector
Reader's Workshop Response Sheets: Comprehension Graphic O        
from Michelle Oakes

one from a theme mini unit I have created,

Junie B. Jones Common Core Graphic Organizers    Point of View and Other Common Core Activities Using Fairy Tales     Point of View and Other Common Core Activities Using David Books     
and I have recently purchased these strategy
songs from Amanda at One Extra Degree.

Strategy Songs: Metacognition Through Music!
Our whole class reading series
is Literacy by Design from Rigby.
I have cut way down on using this
 and supplement a lot because of the 
common core and I don't feel this 
series meets it totally.

We are studying animals right now so this booklet
fit well with our studies.  It is an oldie but a goodie!

I feel the portion of our day from 8:45ish to 9:30 is JAM PACKED and I struggle with getting everything
done.  I feel another half hour during this time would be so beneficial because I don't know what to reduce so we don't feel like we are on a dead run the entire morning! However, the rest of the day is jam packed as well and I can't fit any of it in anywhere else.
My vote is to increase the school day by a half hour but it is not a popular idea! 


The Daily Five and Guided Reading Groups

(5 rotations, 15 minutes each)

I do Daily Five the way it works for me
and my school.  My students alternate Daily Five
activities depending on the day of the week.
So daily they meet with me, another teacher
for fluency practice (this includes Title 1 pull out)
and go to 2 of the Daily Five choices + Read to Self. 
The next day they go to the other two.

I also have a chart.
We HAVE to have a schedule with the
pull outs. Not exactly how the D5 is supposed
to work, but it is what I have to do and it works well.

Word Work- students use dry erase boards,
Aqua Doodles or Magna Doodles to practice
our spelling words from Hope King's unit.
Students do word work on the floor.

Work on Writing- students write in their monthly 
journal.  They can come up with their own topic
but usually pick several of these D5 Work on Writing cards. She has at least 7 sets. This set is set #7 fact and opinion. I put out a new set every few months.
Students work on writing at their desks.

D5 Work on Writing - Writing Cards - 7th set - Fact and Op

Listen to Reading- students choose from a book on tape, CD or a Leapfrog TAG. I change the books on tape and CD monthly, but the TAG books are always the same. Students take these out in the hallway.

Read to Someone- students read to each other from a good fit book, their poetry binders or some other special reading.  Right now we are practicing for our Peter Rabbit Operetta so they read each other their lines. 

Read to Self- students take their book boxes around the room and read good fit books.

A few of the products I use during groups:

Reading Strategy Beanie Baby Posters

Guided Reading Decoding Strategy Posters

Monthly Fluency Packets 
by Jodi from Fun In First

March Fluency Packet

Roll and Read
Roll and Read: Long Vowel Edition


We complete one side of Word Wizard 
or Math Magic from Denise at Sunny Days.
Friday is correction day.

Weekly Word Wizard - Set One            FREE Weekly Math Magic , First Grade


Lunch- We eat with the students in the lunchroom.


Handwriting or a Daily Sentence Editing sheet 
from Mrs. Wheeler at Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade.

Common Core Daily Language Sentence Editing: April


Recess (no duty) & restrooms
but often have students in for incomplete work.


I supplement a lot with our math series.
We begin math with a song from youtube or a CD that matches the skill we are working on or even a review. We then do a monthly math journal prompt from
First Grade Fanatics
Math Journal Prompts-April
We read a math story, if I have one, 
(fiction & nonfiction if possible!)
 go over our lesson, do a hands-on activity
and have a seat work assignment, either out of
the book or something I have purchased from TpT.

After their seat work, they may go to centers.
I am really struggling with the flow of these.
I really want to meet with math groups while they
rotate through centers, but for some reason, can't get it to work for me. So basically, right now, they go to any basket of centers after their work is complete and
I check papers, work with struggling students, and monitor games.  

My centers have come from several TpT sellers.
I am just starting to make monthly themed centers as I have put it off due to wanting centers that were more generic.  Never having really found any, I decided to try the themed centers out again.  I used to do themed centers for literacy and math, but with the Daily Five, got away from the making of "stuff" and changing it out weekly. Here are the links to a couple of them.



Language and writing
I try to tie it to my theme of the week.
I also try to do at least one opinion, procedural
and narrative writing every month.

We are working on procedural right now!

I have so many products from TpT sellers that I use when teaching language.  Too many to highlight! 
I just search for the skill and look until I find what I need and occasionally make my own.

Some of the products I use for writing are the writing
craftivities by Christie at First Grade Fever by Christie.

I  use Anna Brantley's common core
writing packets occasionally.

I started writing this year with this product from
Kelley at the Teacher Idea Factory.

WOW vs. BLAH Sentences - Writing Detailed Sentences

I also make my own to fit a theme if I can't 
buy what I am looking for!

fiction and nonfiction pair & a song
story souvenir- Frog

Click here for the Leap Back Home to Me


Recess (duty twice a week) & restrooms


Specials or
Science/social studies/
art project or craft on Mondays/
snack & milk

Monday- Music
Tuesday- Guidance & Computers
Wednesday- Music
Thursday- Library
Friday- PE

I try to have a science experiment
at least once a week.

During our mini unit on milk,
we did this experiment!
We did it 8 times total!

Pour milk into a pie pan.
Drop in one drop of each of four colors,
red, yellow, green,blue.
Squeeze one drop of Dawn dish soap into
the middle and watch the magic!


Specials or science/social studies/
snack & milk 

I try to have a fiction/nonfiction pair
for lessons.  We try to have a short
video on a topic once or twice a week
as well as an experiment.


Get ready for home
Read from a chapter book
(Magic Tree House or Junie B. Jones usually!)
Take to buses


Whole Brain Teaching

Love & Logic

A few of our Whole Brain posters

Our behavior clip chart

My new favorite from 
Teacher Tipster!

The kiddos were
lovin' it!

The Fries Prize

I thought of the fries idea!
He used a Kleenex to hide the prize
but I thought the fries added to it!

Hint: If you do this, don't cut the 
box off of the paper fries so it will fit
in the fries box! I also laminated the fries.
I found it on google images.

Hide a small prize inside.
I have used a fruit by the foot,
a small star notepad and a "smelly"
so far. A smelly is flavored chapstick.

Award to a student following
a specific direction.

We are having a hard time 
keeping our hands and eyes on me.

Whole Brain:

"Classity Class"
"Yessity Yes"
"Hands & eyes!"

(This is where they clasp their hands
and focus their eyes on you...

They do, rather well...
However, keeping them on me
 is a struggle right now!


The fries prize for hands & eyes!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thanks for sharing your day/s with us! You are busy! We use a lot of the same things in our classrooms! Do your kids go to specialist (phy ed, music or art)? I don't know if I missed that.
    First Grade Funtastic

  2. I love your morning routine where each day of the week is something different!! What a great idea!!!! Thanks for linking up :)

  3. Hi Kim! Thanks for letting me be a fly on the wall in your classroom. Your class looks super busy! Feel free to check out my room too. I had a hard time remembering to stop and take pictures so I don't have pictures of everything!

    You did great with this!

    Teaching Little Miracles