Thursday, July 25, 2013

DIY Black Pocket Chart

I have been searching the internet
for a black pocket chart and couldn't
find anything! Several people suggested
spray painting...that didn't work for me!

Several people suggested using black RIT
dye and it worked!  I used a blue Wal-Mart
pocket chart and cut a small slit in the bottom 
to take out the plastic rod. 

First I got the water very hot as the
directions stated for nylon. I used two 
large pots of almost boiling water and
a 5 gallon bucket. I poured in a cup of 
vinegar, again as the directions stated.
I put the pocket chart in and stirred it.
I used an ice cream bucket filled with
water to weigh the chart down. I stirred
and readjusted many, many times and left it
in overnight. The readjusting is necessary
to get inside the pockets.  Use gloves! I didn't
and had to use diluted bleach to get my hands
 clean! Rinse in cold water and hang to dry!

The pockets came out clear! 
The dye didn't dye the plastic!

Here it is again because I am so happy
with how it turned out!!! 

Many of you know I am getting 30
1st graders this year...
so in an effort to simplify,
I am getting rid of classroom jobs...kind of! 
I will have 2 assistants a day,
which I will switch daily. 
Except for the line leader. 
That is always the star of the week!

I will take a picture of the kids on
the first day of school, print, laminate and
add velcro for easy changing daily!
Two small pictures should fit on the chart!

    Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Click the picture for your freebie!

I thought I should mention the 
rocking chair and stool as well!
I spent 4 days stripping the old
stuff off that rocking chair! 
What a chore! I saw a similar chair
on Pinterest and knew I wanted it!
I painted the stool and my desk chair
to match. I have been switching from
primary colors to pink and lime green.

Time is running out and I might not
get everything switched before school
starts, such as baskets and my frames
for self-portraits that hang on a wall.
I hope I can live with the mixed color
scheme if I don't get it done!

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Stocking a Classroom Store and Trying a New Idea for Organizing Student Supplies

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

My freebie this week is a credit/debit 
sheet that students tape to their desks.
I mark a credit for homework, class jobs and
occasionally for positive behaviors.
I occasionally mark a debit for misbehaviors.
My original sheet and the idea came
from Beth Newingham. I made 3 new versions.

Click here to get them!

We all spend too much money
out of our own pockets on our
classrooms. It is almost expected
anymore. Without our money, our
classrooms would be close to empty
and learning just wouldn't be the same.

One way I have found to occasionally
save a little money when getting items for 
my classroom store, is to visit our local
thrift store. All items are donated to the
store. They in turn, donate items to
people in need. They also donate items
to teachers for their classrooms.

It might be worth your time this summer 
to visit a local thrift store and ask
 if they donate to teachers! 

I do buy things as well to support the cause!

Here are some of the items I found this time!
All free!

Frog squirters
(a center or store...hmmm..)

2 bags of at least 100 erasers
in each bag! BRAND NEW!
( or store?!)

2 bags of dolphin, whale and
shark squirters! Brand new!

2 bags of dinosaur squirters!
Brand new!

5 bags of miscellaneous!
(mini stuffed animals, balls,
plastic farm animals, plastic cats
and a Winnie the Pooh set)
All going in the store!!

The past few years, we have kept
student supplies on their desks in
the colored divided baskets. They are
in the way, students play with the things,
they fall through desk cracks when we move
desks and it just doesn't look very neat.

This year, I am going to try these
They stack and can be kept
somewhere in the classroom.
When we need glue, crayons, or 
scissors, a student from each 
table can go get their whole container,
place it in the middle of their desks,
open the drawer to all of their supplies
and stack it back when we are finished!
I think I am going to put small containers
in each drawer to divide the supplies and
keep them neat and organized inside the drawers.

I hope it works! 
I will post pictures once school starts!

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