Friday, June 27, 2014

Back to School Freebie, Walk of Fame & A Giveaway!

My friend Alisa, from
is having a giveaway!
It's easy to enter! 

The giveaway is over but she is very
close to reaching a goal and
having a huge giveaway!!
Check out her Facebook page for details!

Click here!

Photo: I have a giveaway starting at 6 am on Friday.  I'm giving away some great fairy tale packs from my friend at The Very Busy First Graders PLUS 
4 - $10 gift cards to my TPT store!  Winners will be announced Sunday morning - this is a short giveaway, so don't delay - enter now.

Just a way to say thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes!  Happy Friday, friends!

 Freebie Friday   Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

I've given my first day of school 
award a little update!

Click here to get it free!

A reader asked for a copy of
my "Hollywood Walk of Fame",
so I thought I'd share it on here
if anyone else was interested!

Click here to read about it.

If you'd like a copy,
click here!

Product Details
I begin "Star of the Week"
with this story and activity!

It's a sweet story about a little
hamster that is finally star of the week.
However, his show and tells are all
flops, until he draws a squiggle...
and turns it into a....
You'll have to read it to find out
what happens next!

Click the book to check it out
on Amazon and click the picture 
to get the activity for free!

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Friday, June 20, 2014

They Say It's Your Birthday!

Well, it's my birthday too yeah!
No, not really!
Just singing along.


How fun is this video!
I know the students are going
to LOVE dancing to this song!
I am for sure adding this to our
must-do list for birthdays.

Since it is YouTube, please make sure
you mute the ad in case one happens to pop
up at the beginning.  It hasn't for me
(I watched it twice to check the content)
but I learned the hard way. I was
getting ready to show a video when
an ad came on that talked about...
nah....I just can't type it!


You will have to use your imagination!

On to the freebie!

Come over and follow me on Facebook
for flash freebies, giveaways and ideas!        Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Thank you to Fern for featuring
and for hosting this linky every week
and also to Charity for Manic Monday!

I am offering the following
 3 pages as freebies.

The student puts the birthday song
in their poetry binder and the other
two pages are covers for a 
birthday book.  I print mine on 
different colored cardstock.  
Students write a friendly letter to the 
birthday child and then I bind 
or staple it together.

Click here to download the freebies!

They are part of this packet.
Click here or the picture if 
you'd like to check it out.

Here's a picture of the birthday things 
I've given the last several years.
 I am excited about my updates!

If you are looking for something
new for morning work, 
my friend Alisa from
has these wonderful products!
It has made a huge difference
in handwriting, sentence structure
and creative writing.
I love them, but more importantly,
the students love them!
They get so excited to show
me what they wrote!

First Grade Writing - Quick Writes BUNDLE Oct.- June  Writ

Click the picture above to check it out.
Click here for a freebie to try it out.

She also has Daily Quick Math,
which we also use for morning work.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

100 Facebook Follower Giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Check out this amazing giveaway!
I use her fonts for just about
every product I make! 
Love them!

Click the picture to enter!

I ordered this book at the end
of the school year because it
looked fun...and it is!

It is a nonfiction book that
teaches facts about 11 different
animal teeth and gives a fact
about what it would be like if we had
those teeth.  The pictures are 
wonderful and the illustrations are
hilarious! I read it to the students
just for fun and they loved it!

I knew I would be adding it to
our study of animals, so
I created this product to go with it!
Click here if you'd like to check it out!

Here are a couple of my newest products
if you are interested in checking them out!
Click each picture!

I just know they will be totally engaging!

(Did you sing the song as you read
the title?! I do EVERY time!)


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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fabulous Fairy Tale Giveaway!


1. My big giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enter to win and live
"happily ever after" 
knowing you have fairy tales and
many common core skills covered!

Click each picture to check out over
$20 $25 worth of products that one 
lucky winner will receive!

Point of View and Other Common Core Activities Using Fairy
Fairy Tales: Inference Investigation
Reader's Theater and Poetry Rap Bundle: Fairy Tales
Once Upon a...Dolch Sight Word Game
Once Upon a...Fry Sight Word Game

 I just finished this product and
added it to the giveaway!

This product is not based on a fairy tale
but has the fairy tale characters 
in it and I created a sight phrase game
using the characters!

Miss Smith's Incredible Storybook: A Common Core Book Study

packet is a freebie!

Once Upon a...Noun Sort

2. No pictures of this will be shown,
but my oldest daughter had all four
wisdom teeth pulled today and was
put under for it.  So imagine her in
the truck afterwards and as we hit
the freeway headed home, my
youngest projectile vomits!
We had an hour drive!
Oh, it was comical!

Someone reminded me that
it is Friday the 13th after all...
and a full moon!

3. Two weeks into summer break
and it's still chilly here!
Seems the average is about 67
degrees.  Might not seem so chilly,
but when I have kiddos wanting to swim....

4. I have a pile of books that I have been
saving to read....and haven't even started one!
Seems like there is always something else...
laundry, errands, loopy daughter and 
kids throwing up....

5. Okay....wasn't going to share some
of the funny things my daughter said...
and I don't normally share personal things,
but it was a riot!

*The following statements are 
in her words.

-I'm going to marry that doctor.
(my middle daughter asked if he was cute)
-I don't know, I couldn't see him.
-I look like Santa.
(White ice pack around her head)
-What's this? (Pointing at her chin)
-Who mows that? Dad can for vacation money.
(talking about the median along the interstate)

She also kept insisting they didn't take out
her teeth and laughing about her job
calling her and asking her to work.

Life sure is never boring around here!

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Miss Smith's Incredible Storybook

Click the picture above
to go to Mrs. Jump's
blog and find many more
great posts about books!

If you haven't read
Miss Smith's Incredible Storybook,
you should check it out!

Miss Smith has a "magic" storybook
that brings the characters to life!

What happens when the principal
takes over and the storybook 
characters won't go back in the book...
you'll have to read it to find out! 

Product Details

This book is great for the
beginning of the year and 
sparking the imaginations
of the students and showing
that books are magical!

Click the picture above to
check it out on Amazon.

If you are interested, I created
this packet to go with the book.

Like my Facebook page and I
will offer this in a flash freebie
again in the next couple of days!

Miss Smith's Incredible Storybook: A Common Core Book Study

Check out this post to enter my
fairy tale giveaway!  This product
is included along with several more
fairy tale products, totaling more than

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

K-3rd Grade Giveaways!

My Kinder Garden is having
4 separate giveaways!
One for each grade level K-3rd!
Click the picture below or here
to enter to win some great products!

My Kinder Garden

I donated one of my favorite
packets, which is a bundle and
updated version of my biggest seller!
This packet would actually work for
2nd grade too! 

Point of View and Other Common Core Activities Using Fairy

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Snowmen in Summer?

Any of you living where
it snows, or was unbelievably 
cold this winter, may not want
to think about SNOW or snowmen.
When I saw this linky though, I 
knew I had to add my favorite 
snowmen books and the freebie
I created.  It is one of my older
products and probably need to
update it, but it's free and it works!

As a child, I always believed
the snowmen we built came to life 
while we slept at night, so these
books take me back to my childhood
and they spark imagination in the students!

Product DetailsProduct Details

Click the picture!

Snowmen at Night/All Year Book Studies.

Head over to Mrs. Jump's Class
and join the linky and check out 
more book ideas!

I have recently started a Facebook
page, so if you follow blogs by
Facebook, stop over and like my page!
I share freebies, flash freebies and ideas!

Here's my current product! Head over for a 
chance to win it!

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