Monday, June 16, 2014

100 Facebook Follower Giveaway!

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I use her fonts for just about
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I ordered this book at the end
of the school year because it
looked fun...and it is!

It is a nonfiction book that
teaches facts about 11 different
animal teeth and gives a fact
about what it would be like if we had
those teeth.  The pictures are 
wonderful and the illustrations are
hilarious! I read it to the students
just for fun and they loved it!

I knew I would be adding it to
our study of animals, so
I created this product to go with it!
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Here are a couple of my newest products
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I just know they will be totally engaging!

(Did you sing the song as you read
the title?! I do EVERY time!)


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  1. I LOVE reading this book to my kinders during our animal theme!! Thanks so much for sharing about it, and your awesome giveaway!! Am writing up a blog post right now to mention it!! :-)

  2. I LOVED this book as well! It went along perfectly with our animal research reports at the end of the year. Did you see the Animal Hair book as well? I whipped up a little craft sheet and bought some fun supplies and we made ourselves with animal hair and teeth! Chicklets and Tic-Tac teeth were hilarious! :)
    The new products look super catchy!


    1. I did see it just today when I linked the book to Amazon! I put it in my cart! Have to have it! I bet the those pictures turned out hilarious! Great idea to make it 3D!