Friday, April 12, 2013

Butterflies, Peanut Butter and Shapes..OH MY...ARRRG and Pirates too, Mateys!

Click here to get my 3D shapes activity!
Read on to see pictures of it in action!

fiveforfriday  .

1. Butterflies

Inflatable life cycle

Look how much they have grown already!

Arrival size

Fiction and nonfiction pair with 
a butterfly story souvenir
and a real painted lady life cycle
for display

Procedural writing & craft:
Life cycle of a butterfly

Edible butterfly life cycle!

Mini marshmallow-egg
1/2 gummy worm-caterpillar
Tootsie Roll-chrysalis
2 candy fruit slices & 1/2 gummy worm- butterfly

Students put the items into the
correct order. After I checked them,
they got to eat the life cycle!


2. Peanut Butter

Our fiction and nonfiction pair

 Peanut butter playdough!
Yummy and FUN!

Recipe for whole class:

2 cups peanut butter
2 cups corn syrup
3 cups powdered sugar
3 cups powdered milk

 This made enough for 22 students
with some left over for me to eat!
I gave them a chunk a little bigger 
than a golf ball.

 Word work today!
Of course, they got to eat it after!

Procedural writing:
Whole class

Sorry about my chart...
I just don't spend time making them cute!
I want to...I really do...but I forget...
AND my chart markers are OLD!
Excuses..excuses..excuses..I know!

Procedural writing:
Individual assignment

Dancing to Peanut Butter by Dr. Jean

Students following a partner's
directions on how to make a 
peanut butter and jelly sandwich

This student followed the 
directions from his partner
word for word! It didn't say
spread it around, so he didn't!
It didn't say put the other slice
of bread on top, so he didn't!

3. Geometry- Shapes

I gave students a bag of 3D shapes 
and told them to sort them.
2 groups sorted by shapes,
1 group sorted by color,
and one group sorted by 
shapes that roll/don't roll & 
shapes that stack/don't stack.

Sorted, graphed and recorded 
results using 3D edible shapes!

Check out my newest
2D shape product here!

4. R-controlled vowel -ar
and Pirates

Nonfiction and Fiction Pair
Gold Coin Story Souvenir

Pirate Pam and her parrot Polly
came to visit! They read the fiction
and nonfiction pirate books and passed
out the gold coin story souvenir.

This activity is from Babbling Abby's packet.
Scroll down for the link.
I had the kiddos trace the words
in glue and used multi-colored 
glitter to fancy them up.
I wanted to use gold but 
my gold was at home!

Caution: Students MUST lightly trace
their words or this will happen!

Learning /ar/ with Pirate Mark (r-controlled vowels}

Here is the packet from Babbling Abby!
Click here to go to TpT!


Click here for this great freebie 
from Rainy Day Learning!
It has poems, songs,
graphic organizers, math sheets
& more!

We found hidden -ar words all
week around the room and added
them to our giant treasure map...
which I forgot to take a picture of...

It led us to this pirate treasure chest
with candy bars and Starburst candy!

5. Indoor Recess with
Adventure To Fitness
(Rainy day fun)

Click here to check out this 
amazing FREE site!
If you haven't heard of it,
you must check it out!
You won't be sorry!
The kids LOVE it and stay 
involved the WHOLE time!
Sign up, go to the teacher tab
and go to episode library.
There are 23 different episodes 
to choose from! 


Funny From a Honey

One of my students who
really struggles, looked up
from the paper he was working
on and said...
"Am I molting? 
Stuff just fell on my paper!"

vocabulary word from
I was so proud of him...
and it cracked me up because
he was so serious! 

The very next day we talked
about caterpillars molting 
and I called on him to answer!

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  1. Peanut butter play dough...YUM!! Seriously, I would make a bowl for myself to eat!! LOVE IT!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  2. Hey Kim,
    I'm so checking out that shape unit...we are working on that right now! Love the /ar/ unit - one of my favorite to teach on. Fun stuff!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  3. There are too many good things on this 5 for Friday to comment on. The 3D shape sort with food items is a terrific idea. I also love the fiction and non fiction pair you always try to do this? Great post!
    Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  4. I love incorporating food. I have the same inflatables. I get to bring out my butterfly stuff in a few weeks. :) I love Babbling Abby and her 'Arggh' packet.

    You Might Be a First Grader….

  5. Wow! You had a busy week. You are so creative!

    In Ontario, Canada where I teach no one is allowed to bring any nut products to school ever. It is against the law because so many students have peanut allergies. What do you do with students who have peanut allergies during this activity?

    Thanks for sharing,
    2 Peas and a Dog Teaching Blog

  6. What a fun week! Love all those activities, but especially the /ar/ treasure hunt! :)

    Teaching Maddeness

  7. Kim,
    What a great post, I loved reading about everything fun in your room!
    You are my featured blogger today at TBA, please come back and link up again!