Sunday, January 5, 2014

Brain Based Learning Strategy Reminder

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday        
Click the picture or here to get the 
freebie brain based learning reminder card!
I made several different colored versions.

I read a blog post on Elementary Matters
and while I try to do most of these things,
oftentimes, in the rush of the day, I forget.


I plan to keep a card by my lesson plans,
because I HAVE to have a visual reminder!

Here's another freebie!

Snowmen at Night/All Year Book Studies

If you are looking for a couple of winter
activities, I do these every year and the 
students love them!

Ice Hotels & Blizzard Day
Jan Brett: The Hat & The Mitten
Tacky the Penguin and a Wacky Tacky Week!
The Missing Mitten Mystery
The following aren't winter
specific but I do these in the
month of January when we
study adjectives and natural 

Adjectives: A Tasty Test
Rocks: My Pet Rock

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