Friday, September 13, 2013

A Trip Back in Time and Updates


1. A theme in our reading series
is School Then and Now.
We have a one room school house
in our town, so every year, my 
first graders and I travel back in time!
We spend the morning there.
It is always so much fun!

Our "serious" faces like pictures long ago.
Yes, I am wearing a dress over my clothes.
Gotta play the part!

Lunch outside

A game of leapfrog

A game of tag

Another serious pose

Silly faces

2. Once a week, I try to do a science
experiment with my class.
This was our first experiment of the year.

If you would like to check out my
packet of 6 simple experiments, 
click here.

3. Student supply
organization trial
from this post...


They aren't working.
They are hard to carry
and not everything fits
in the drawers.

4. Behavior Management
Idea from this post...


This is a lot of fun!
I even found these bracelets
to keep in the case to hand out
for the rewards! They are in the
Scholastic bonus catalog!
Use your bonus points and they are

5. Final head count in
my classroom...

See just about every post since 
school got out last year...



One of my kiddos last day was today.'s less than 30!

+1 more! 
DIY Black Pocket Chart


I love my black pocket chart!
Check out this post if you are 
interested in making your own!

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  1. I LOVE your black pocket chart! I might just have to try that out! I HATE the blue boring pocket chart I have.

    You should spray paint your Lakeshore easel. I did and love the result!

    A View Into My Classroom

  2. What the heck just happened with my comment? Wow. Sorry. =)