Sunday, March 16, 2014

Announcing...The King and Queen of Quiet!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday 

I am always looking for new 
behavior management ideas.
I read about this somewhere,
so I made crowns for the students!
Have a supply ready on card stock.
Award to a student who is working
quietly or has a clean desk.
That student will get to color and
cut it out while the other students
are having a mini lesson on class
rules, cleaning their desks or working 
on an assignment that would be okay 
for the king or queen to miss.
Be sure to ham it up with a trumpet 
sound and a British accent
as you introduce them!

The King and Queen of Quiet!

Click the picture to get it free!

Here are a couple more freebies from
the past for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow. 
Click the pictures!

Leprechaun Poem and VisualizationSt.Patrick's Day Note from the Leprechaun

I failed to take pictures of our
St. Patrick's Day activities last week.
We are out this week on spring break.
Here are a few I did manage to snap,
after the fact.

I found these sour rainbow sticks
to add to our Leprechaun floats.
I used lime sherbert and Sierra Mist.
They were a hit!

My daughter's leprechaun trap!
End of the Rainbow Motel

failed Leprechaun hats...
The kiddos were so disappointed
their hats were gone.
I told them the Leprechaun must
have loved them and needed some
new hats! It worked...I think...

I have no idea why this happened?!
They melted the INSTANT I put them in the oven!!

Just in case you are looking for some 
new math games or practice!
Click the pictures to check them out!

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