Friday, October 12, 2012

The Very Busy First Graders!
What an understatement! 
 Implementing the common core and being (kind of) a Type A,
my students have been working like CRAZY!
I love looking at other teacher's blogs, so I figured I would give it a shot!
I tried once a couple of years ago but it didn't stick!  Seemed too complicated!
So here next?



Why a Disguise?

Based on Laura Numeroff's Why a Disguise?

Students wrote a narrative story about where they would
wear a disguise and had fun tricking everyone in school!

No one could guess who these sillies were....wink wink!

A Trip Back in Time!
As part of our study of schools then and now,
we spent the morning in a one room school house!
It was fun reenacting a school day from the past, but
we sure do like our modern indoor
(Note the sober faces!  We were trying to
be "serious" like so many old photos from
the past but kept breaking out in giggles!  We finally
managed one after telling them we could do a silly face
picture too!)
This was our Mentos and Diet Coke experiment! 
 We did this just for fun and because I've always wanted to try it!
A student took the picture, that's why it's so far away!
(I have no idea what I am doing with my arms!)
Wow...I am really disappointed! 
I went back through pictures and this is about it!
WHERE WAS MY CAMERA for all of our back to school activities, where was it
 during the pet show, the pajama read-in, our motion experiments, homecoming, our matter experiments, our bat unit, our spider unit....I could go on....and on....and on  (we have been in
school 39 days and I warned you.....Type A and all)!
Well, hopefully now that I started a blog, I will do better!

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