Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012's Blog Best & Brightest

Since I am new to blogging and...........
need some followers (hint hint!!!)
I don't have much to choose from for my best but here goes!!
My best discovery has been TPT!! I loved it at
first for all the amazing products I could buy to enhance my teaching
and now I love it because I have started selling my own creations!
My goal for that is to make enough to finance my TPT addiction!
My best Christmas freebie on TPT is located here!

The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School Missing Poster
(Gingerbread Man Missing poster)
Another best freebie on TPT is here!
Visualization Graphic Organizer

  (visualization graphic organizer)
  more best freebie is here!
     Star of the Week Poem 2
(Star of the Week poem I created)

My best seller on TPT is located here!

Point of View and Other Common Core Activities Using Fairy Tales

(Fairy Tale Graphic Organizers)

The best products I have purchased from TPT are seriously
 too numerous to mention!  I have purchased well over 200 items since
discovering this site in the past year and downloaded who knows how
many freebies!

Some of the people I follow on TPT though are:

Michelle Oakes

Sarah Cooley

Jodi Southard

Mrs. Wheeler

The Library Patch
(AWESOME My First Research Projects!)
Perfect for 1st Grade!

Pinterest is also one of my best discoveries!
Check out my favorite board I made!

Songs and Games: Just for Fun!

I also have one for math, literacy, science and social studies!

Any tips or recommendations for
my blog would be appreciated! 
I'd love to find new blogs to follow
and gain some followers!


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