Monday, December 31, 2012

I Will Be.....Missing!

I DO NOT....I repeat
like to miss school.....
for ANY reason!
Who's with me here??
Guess what?
I have to miss school the
the kids come back from break!
It is for a good reason though, which I
can't mention, on the off chance my
oldest daughter would read my blog.
She's 17.....
not highly likely but better not chance it!
Anyway, I decided NOT to tell the
kiddos I would be gone and instead
made a couple of activities for
the sub to do!
An inference investigation!
My Teacher is Missing Inference Investigation
Click the pic to check it out!
A writing activity with missing poster and
an orginal poem by me!
My Teacher is Missing Writing Activity and Missing Poster
Click the pic to check it out!
They are both for sale in my TPT store! 
Thanks for looking....
and I better get BUSY on something else...
like dishes, running, grocery store, laundry,
cleaning, sledding with my youngest (I promised),
(checking facebook and pinterest and other blogs)

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