Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Show & Tell Tuesday

Thanks Denise!
This was such a GREAT idea!
I have found fun new blogs
to follow and wonderful ideas!

I hope you can get ideas 
from me as well!

Up tomorrow..
Snowmen Activities!

I made these snowman-ish cookies for the kiddos! 
I just know they will even call them
snowman-ish because we read the story Ish
at the beginning of the year and every since then...
EVERYTHING has been -ish!

Which actually works out pretty great for me
since I am not very artistic! The kiddos tell 
me that it's okay...it's pumpkin-ish or tree-ish!

(I used leftover "stuff" from Christmas for our snowmen-ish!)


GREAT story for showing creativity and 
thinking outside the box is so IMPORTANT!

Just you wait....
tomorrow you will be saying, "Hey it's "something"-ish!"

Adjectives Taste Test!

Students became
food critics and described
several food items using
their senses! We will "review" several
more foods tomorrow and then write
an opinion page on which we liked best!
Using adjectives, of course!

ignore the mess in the back!
We are working on snowglobes too!

The pickle faces CRACK me up!!

LOVE the Epson (Our version of Smartboard!) 
Most of the time......

Adjectives: A Tasty Test

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Our theme this week is snow!

Fiction and Nonfiction Pair

Story Souvenir
styrofoam ball- snowball

Yes, that's me! :)

This little girl is a WRITER!

If I lived in a snowglobe
I would get sick because I would get shook up
but I would have some fun!

One of my little smarties had a great idea!
He said why don't we put a lot of extra white
hole punches in the snowglobe so when
we shake it, it will look like a real one!

So we did!!

Click here if interested in purchasing this common 
core writing product! Snowglobe activity is not included!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love the snow globes...they are adorable! We read the story "Ish" in first grade. Our first grade teachers transition students from Kid-Writing to Writers' Workshop early in the year. This book is a great way to explain to children that the pre-writing picture doesn't have to be a masterpiece--it should be a quick picture to plan out the writing piece. The picture should be an "-ish" drawing so that more time can be spent writing. It works like a charm!

    Your blog is precious...I'm a follower now. :)

    Read with Me ABC

  2. Your globes are great! ANd I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG DESIGN!!!


    Going Nutty!


  3. Thanks for linking up to show and tell this week and sharing such great ideas!
    Your classroom looks like so much fun and your new blog design is ADORABLE!
    Sunny Days In Second Grade

  4. We just found you through Sunny Days's show and tell! Your blog is SUPER cute! Love all of your winter ideas! =)
    -Jackie and Danielle-
    Sister Teachers