Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Last Minute Valentine's Day Idea & Clifford's Birthday!

I created this product for 
our 3rd grade teacher!

Click here if you'd like 
to check it out!
It's for sale in my TpT store.
The print is not all black
on the awards! I am not
sure why it looks like it
on the thumbnails.

I have a lot of fun 
activities to share but
need to find the time to post
them all! Hopefully this weekend! 

Today was Clifford's birthday!

ICN session, Clifford's Birthday, 
through our AEA.
Clifford showed up on the ICN 
and what do you know...
when we returned to the classroom,
there he was too!!

My middle school daughter volunteered to
dress up for me!

Hugs for the kiddos!

Treats from the birthday dog!

Funny From a Honey

One little guy came to me after
recess and restroom break and
says, "Mrs. Short, that boy
peeked under the bathroom door
at me when I was having my 
private time."

They CRACK me up!

Thanks for stopping by!

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