Sunday, May 5, 2013

Manic Monday and an upcoming Toy Show!

I LOVE Toy Story!

It is because it was my oldest daughter's,
(who is now graduating and going to college)
favorite movie as a toddler and preschooler.
(So you can imagine what a wreck I am during the Toy Story 3 movie!)

We had most of the original Toy Story 
toys (in one form or another...Burger King had
puppets of them in their kids meals when Toy Story first came out. We still have quite a few of them!

Slink became tangled so bad he had to
go to Toy Heaven. My oldest informed me we
had Bo Peep too but her arms broke off and
I threw her away she went to Toy Heaven too!

Also, Buzz is missing
at the moment and my 17, 12 and 6 year
old think it is hysterical that I am frantically
searching the house asking, "Where's BUZZ?!"

I found this adorable unit for studying
oi and oy and just had to have it!
(I MUST have that clip art too!!)

Toys! Literacy Activities for /oi/ and /oy/

Click the picture to see it!

It is from Leslie Ann at 

We don't have a regular show and tell, only
when they are star of the week or when they
purchase a show and tell ticket from our class
store, so I thought.......

Let's have a TOY SHOW!!!!!!!!!!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Click here for the freebie!
I will send the first two pages home
to be completed, then students will
complete the third at school and practice
their speech.

I will post pictures on my Five for Friday!

I will be displaying the Toy Story toys this week.
That is why I am frantically searching for Buzz!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love it when learning is fun. Your product does that. Very Nice! Great site. I love pink and black.

  2. Adorable! My kids bring random things to share, and we don't have a regularly scheduled show and tell. This is a great idea. I think I'll do this next year.
    That First Grade Blog

  3. Hi~I'm hopping around and connecting with everyone on The Great State Project list so we can all get to know each other. I'm Brandee and I'm the SC girl on the project. It's nice to meet ya!
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners