Friday, April 4, 2014

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Positive Little Notes From The Teacher

Positive Little Notes From The Teacher

Since April in poetry month,
I created these Fairy Tale
I do a big unit in December,
so it'll be fun to revisit them
through the raps.
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We spent a day learning
about peanut butter.
I read a fiction and nonfiction
big book, we watched a YouTube
video on how peanut butter is made,
wrote a recipe using peanut butter
as an ingredient and made...
peanut butter playdough!

Educational and delicious!

Here we are creating our
spelling and sight words.

We are working on place
value so we played a little
roll and write with a partner.
Students rolled the die, 
decided which place to write
the number, rolled again and
wrote that number in the 
other place.  Whoever had
the biggest number, won a 
point. Some of them even
made a spot in the corner of
their desks to tally their points.

We had a little April Fool's fun!
Did you all search for the
lirpaloof bird??

So funny!

This idea comes from Denise at
Sunny Days in Second Grade!

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