Thursday, May 1, 2014

End of the Year Countdown Balloon Pop & My Vacation Writing Freebie!

I am trying facebook for my blog...again.  
I can't figure out how to
get into my old facebook, so if you
would like to follow me click here!

As soon as I reach 50 followers,
I will have another giveaway from my store.
I hope to do monthly giveaways,
flash freebies, share ideas and
  ask for "editors" of any new products!
(Any editors will get the product free!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I picked 4 because that is how
many Facebook followers I currently have!       Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
First freebie Friday in MAY?!
Another school year has flown
by once again!

Looking for a quick and easy,
yet fun, countdown for the last
days of school?

I saw this idea by a teacher
on Facebook so I created the 
freebie to go with it!

Click here for the freebie!

Here's an idea for a quick, fun 
vacation writing project.  Use recycled
calendars with scenery. Have students 
choose a page, plan and write about 
their vacation. Take pictures of the
students. Cut out and have students
glue their picture into the scene!

I went to my local pharmacy and
they let me take as many calendars
as I wanted.  I took 6 so I would 
have enough for a couple years.

Check out your local pharmacy,
hardware store, or anywhere
that gives away calendars for free!

If you would like this freebie,
click here!

Love a TpT sale!

I've recently added some new
fairy tale products!

This product is my biggest seller.
I do a big fairy tale unit in December.

Click the picture if interested!

Point of View and Other Common Core Activities Using Fairy

This is an updated, expanded version.
It also includes activities for
The Three Little Pigs and
The True Story of the Three Little Pigs.
Click the picture if interested!

Point of View and Other Common Core Activities Using Fairy

This packet has 5 original poems/raps
written by me, with a context clue page.
I will use these in the upcoming week
 to study context clues. 

As we get closer to the end of the
year, I think these will keep the 
kiddos focused.  The kids will get to
"rap" and they are familiar with the
stories, since we studied fairy tales
in December!

I also see a ball cap wearing day
or two in our future! 

It includes the poems/raps 
for student poetry binders and pages with 
the poem/rap with context clues.

Click the picture to check it out!


I turned the poems/raps into
reader's theaters for students
to use during Daily Five
Read to Someone. Each of the
5 reader's theaters have 2 reader
parts with the parts for that reader
highlighted.  I plan to glue them
inside the file folder and laminate.

Click the picture if you would like
to check this one out!

Here is a bundled version
if you would like to see them both.
Check out the preview as it shows
every page included.

Click the picture!

Stop back by later next
week to see pictures of these
products in action!

Thanks for stopping by!

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