Friday, May 23, 2014

Lemonade Stand Freebie!

Don't we all LOVE surprises?!

I am offering a Top Secret product
from my store, guaranteed to be at
least a $3 product, for $1. I am
going to try and change these out
weekly so I will rename it #2, #3, etc.

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Puppet Shows

I have an old set of readers theaters
for two parts. Students are paired up,
practice together, pick their puppets and 

Most of the puppets kept looking down...
note the green frog....
these were the few that looked up! HA!

Puppy Palooza 
by Swersty

Click the pictures to check them 
out on TpT.

Blank Student Awards: Puppy Palooza Style!       Puppy Palooza How Rocket Learned to Read Book Study Unit

Read this adorable book, hold a
puppy adoption and have students 
teach their puppies to read.

Product Details

I made frosted sugar cookies shaped
likes bones but forgot to take a picture!
This picture was from last year but the 
cookies turned out much better this year.
My frosting was nice and smooth!

I picked up stuffed dogs at
garage sales and the used store
in town and washed them up.

The kids kept asking if they really
got to keep the dogs!

Such a fun day and activity!

Camping Read-In

Click the picture if you would
like to check this packet out!

It is dark in the classroom while 
students use their flashlights.

Instead of smores this year,
we ate bait!
(chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos
and gummy worms)

Lemonade Stand

For the last three years, my class has held
a lemonade stand.  We hold business meetings,
deciding on when and where to have it, who
we will donate the money to, how much to charge,
who will be our "investors", etc.

One year we donated to Alex's Lemonade Stand,
the next to a teacher with breast cancer our
class had been pen pals with, last year to
the elementary school in Moore, Oklahoma
that was destroyed by the tornado and this
year we are donating to a teacher in our school.
Her husband has lung cancer and the diagnosis
isn't good so we want to help in our small way.

The students set the price at 25 cents
and wanted to raise $100.
We made $87.37 just in the morning!

We ended up making $185 and had
someone donate $15 more to have
a total of $200!      Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

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  2. What some amazing things you have going on in your classroom! I just found out about 30 minutes ago that my daughter was hired today to teach first grade in the fall! I am sending her a link to your blog!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  3. What fun ideas for the end of the year- I love the lemonade stand! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Fun in PreK-1 & Kinder

  4. Hello friend! I love the work you did with your lemonade stand. What a worthy cause; you and your students should be very proud of yourselves! I have a product in my store, Lemonade for Sale, that you might want to check out. It goes perfect with your lemonade theme and your kids would love it! Thanks for the freebie and keep up the great work, Cara;)
    Cara Taylor