Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day Tea Freebie and Win a BUNDLED packet!

1. I recently decided to try Facebook again.
That is how I read most of the blogs I follow
anymore, so if you'd like to follow me on

Click here!

I will be having flash freebies, giveaways
and am looking for people willing to edit my 
TpT products and of course, you'd get the
final product free.

I am giving away one of my bundled
packets for short and long vowels!
That's a $10 packet for FREE!
($15 if purchased individually!)

Head over to my Facebook page,
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I will pick a winner tomorrow night (Monday)!

This giveaway is over but come on
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2.  This may be too late for this
year, but it's something to think
about for next year. I have hosted
a Mother's Day Tea for years and 
the students and moms love it!

Even if you can't use the tea idea,
there is a craft and graph included.

Click here for the freebie!




3. We had a visit from an EMT and Paramedic 
in their ambulance yesterday.
They reminded students how to call
911, talked about getting shots, etc.
Our favorite part was getting to go inside
the ambulance and hearing the sirens!

Here our stuffed animals were getting
shots and bandaged up. Poor chimp had 
a head injury and horse had a broken leg.

4. We are studying contractions right
now and gearing up for this fun packet.

Contraction Surgery Center

Here's a picture from last year!
We will be doing this again!


5.  I am loving the sunshine. We
have had such a long winter, it
felt like warmer weather would 
never get here. I am loving the
weather so much, I didn't even
mind recess duty today!

We let our butterflies go too!


Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh my! I loved reading this post! The surgery on contractions would be something I would have loved to do! Kids love, love, love silly things like doctor's masks and safety goggles. My science students want to wear their safety goggles for everything! The stuffed animals getting a shot also made me laugh as did the moms with their hats on! Thanks for sharing
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  2. Love your mother's Day idea! Neato! Thanks for sharing on Classroom Freebies!
    Reading and Writing Redhead