Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Reader's Theaters

I know you all have heard of
A Teeny Tiny Teacher!
have you checked out her
Reader's Theater partner plays?!

You want engagement during
Daily 5 Read to Someone?!

Need a fun activity for the kids
to present to each other, other 
classes, or parents?! 

THIS is it!

And I...won...it!!
Yes I did!
Don't be jealous!
Reader's Theater - Partner Plays for Beginning Readers {An

She has 7 different packets, 
one Spring bundle and a freebie
you can download to check out!

I have purchased four sets of her
partner plays and my students use
them during Daily Five Read to Someone.

I wish I had a picture to share...
but I don't...
My goal is to take more pictures 
this year...
It's a good goal...
not too hard...

Thanks for stopping by!

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