Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Don't Let the Pigeon (or the Teacher) Stay Up Late!

We had so much fun with this activity and directed drawing today! We are learning about healthy habits right now.  After reading a "sleep well" passage from a nonfiction book, I read Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!  We reviewed opinions and talked about how Pigeon was trying to convince us to let him stay up late.  Students filled out a graphic organizer, with their opinion and 3 reasons, telling Pigeon why he shouldn't stay up late.  The students then wrote a letter to Pigeon using the organizer.  They were so creative and funny! Tomorrow I am going to have them write a letter to me, telling me why I shouldn't stay up late because they know how much I LOVE sleep!  Those letters should be a hoot! Students will also be writing letters to a parent this week, trying to persuade the parent to let them have or do something.

Click here for the directed drawing page.
Click here for the persuasive opinion writing activity from ABCDeeThey are both free!

You should go to bed because you (will) be grumpy.
You will be tired.  You say naughty stuff.  You won't want
to listen at all.

Here's a picture of our science experiment left over from studying eggs before Easter.  If you haven't tried egg geodes with your students, it is simple! Just add food coloring to hot water, add sea salt, stir and pour in a cleaned out egg shell. Very cool!

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