Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lovin' All Things Smelly!

Only the good smells though, please!

Bad smells make me gag...

I have a HORRIBLE gag reflex for BAD smells.

Gotta stop now...starting to gag...

Moving on....

Denise is hosting the Show & Tell linky again!
I LOVE it!
I have found tons of new ideas!

Here is a freebie Valentine's Day poem in honor
of this post and linky and inspired by a little kiddo in my class!

Poem: Valentine's Day

Click here for the poem!

Click here to be taken to 

my blog post with even MORE 
Valentine's Day freebies!
THREE more to be exact!

I have had an
with smelly stickers since I was a child!

Here's the proof!

(My first love!)

  My sticker book!
It's around 30+ years old!
The amazing thing is....
the smelly stickers STILL smell!

I force my obsession on the kiddos.
Here's that proof.

  The sad news...
SMELLY stickers no longer 
SMELL for very long! :(

(Checking the supply for
Valentine's Day!)

On the bright side,
I have another smelly obsession!

Scentos Markers!

The kids LOVE the Scentos too!

Have you heard of Smencils?
Smelly pencils?
Well, I had, but I am NOT a big pencil lover.
Due to a sharpener issue...
which has corrected itself...
which is ANOTHER blog post...


...the other day...on a blog post...

GUESS what I saw!


OH, you can bet I will be gettin' me some...

Sad news...

They only write in black.
I just don't know if I can manage to
ONLY write in black!

I LOVE color...
WHY aren't they colored ink??

The good news is they use
recycled newspaper to make them!

One more smelly thing to share!
I actually call these...


Not my idea, saw it on a blog last year!
Students get a smelly (a couple of swipes) 
on their right hand only, for good behavior 
(pink or purple day on our chart) 
at the end of each day.
Helps them remember which hand is their
right for the pledge and they LOVE them!
They do NOT let me forget to give them!

Side Note:

I actually LOVE all stickers!
I have them in file folders arranged according 
to month and theme + I have my treasure chest full
of random stickers!

I realized my old sticker album
was looking a little old and tired...

so I created 3 new versions with
matching sticker pages!

Sticker Book Covers & Sticker Pages      Sticker Book Covers & Sticker Pages

If you are looking for a sticker book check it out! 
It's for sale here in my TpT store!

Past Smelly Obsessions

I USED to have an obsession with candles...
IN the classroom...
BURNING candles...
(WHAT we we thinking?!)


I caught a students paper on fire!
Yep...as I was checking papers, enjoying the
wonderful smell, I laid said paper ON the candle flame.
Next thing I know, kids are screaming "FIRE!"

Needless to say...
NO more candles...


The candle warmer!

Lovely little invention. 
I could smell all those old friends again.


I kept waking up in the middle of the night...
in a frantic panic...


Needless to say...
No more lovely smells in my classroom...
unless it's from a sticker...or a marker...
 or hopefully soon...a pen!

There they all are...birthday cake for kid's birthdays,
candy cane for Christmas, brownie for me!

Back in the closet they go!
Why do I save them?
I do not know!

Make it through??
I always think my posts are going to be short...
I don't think they EVER are...

Here's another freebie poem!

It's about...you guessed it!


I plan to give this one to the students
at the beginning of the year when they
get their sticker books!

Click here to get it!

Poem: Smells

Funny from a Honey

I do think I have created at least one
smelly monster in my class.

One little guy now constantly wants a hug
and ALWAYS has his nose planted in my side
AND is ALWAYS saying, "You SMELL good, Mrs. Short...
like my grandma!"

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love your sticker book idea and the marker hand swipes at the end of the day! Might have to try those:)
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  2. LOL, love that you smell like Grandma! So cute. This was a very informative and entertaining post :). I had forgotten about the hand swipes, I need to keep that in mind. Thanks for sharing your good ideas.
    Burke's Special Kids