Monday, January 28, 2013

Fancy Nancy is HERE & Manic Monday Freebie!

Not's me!
But don't tell my kiddos!

The trick...
I disappear into my closet.

Hours...minutes...seconds later...

Fancy Nancy appears!
She visits with the kiddos, 
tells them how much she has missed them,
asks them what they are learning and 
what do ya know...

Fancy Nancy has JUST the right book to
go along with their learning!

She reads it, stopping to add little side notes 
about this or that from the story,
 they make connections,
discuss the vocabulary...
everything is all harps playing and sweetness...


That ONE little guy...
you know the ONE...
the ONE who REFUSES to get ANY joy 
out of make believe...

yells, "That's not Fancy Nancy! 
That's Mrs. Short!  See her hair
and her clothes and her shoes 
and her voice 
and the big spot on her chin...
(pimple..yuck..and ALWAYS announced the loudest
since everything goes completely silent for this!)

I could go on
but why drag it out...
you GET it...


Bless ALL the other kiddos hearts.
They continue to play right along...
some start arguing with him that...
others begin hugging me...uh...her as she heads
back to the closet to disappear until next time.

Hours...minutes...seconds later,
I reappear to hear ALL about their
adventure with 
Fancy Nancy!

Here is last year's class showing
off all the Fancy Nancy books
I bought with grant money
Fancy Nancy brought for us to keep!

Fancy Nancy is the fancy one in the left...
with the crown. boa and wings...

I don't think she looks ANYTHING like me!

Here I  she is reading to the kiddos today.
I she waves her magic wand and it makes
a twinkle sound every time I she reads a
fancy word!
We drew and colored self-portraits today for art and 
viewed self-portraits of famous people on google images.
What do you know, the story I she brought fit

Fancy Nancy at the Museum!
It even mentions self portraits!

I am linking up with Manic Monday!
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
I created this freebie for students
to record fancy words and definitions!

Fancy Nancy Word List

Click here to get it!

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Random Photos

HA! I didn't notice the little guy 
in back to the right!
WHAT is he doing?!?!

Today in math we were counting by 2's.
As we counted the pairs of shoes in the classroom,
 they got to put their feet up on the desk.
We even kept them there as we worked!
They really loved this activity!

They kept saying,
"If Mr. (Principal) comes in we are going to be in

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  1. LOVE, LOVE the pink boa! And all things FANCY Nancy!!!! SO happy to meet you and link up with a fellow first grade teacher! YAY!!!
    Excited to be your newest follower!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe