Thursday, January 24, 2013

Poetry for the Common Core

and a little bit more!

I created this packet of poems
to address some of the common core
vocabulary for ELA.  It also includes 
some of my poems from my other products.
Some are set to familiar tunes
and some even LOOK like
graphic organizers!

Poetry For the Common Core & A Tiny Bit More!     Poetry For the Common Core & A Little More!

Click the picture if you are interested 
in checking it out!

Now for the freebie!
Grab it while you can!
It's free through the close of this linky!
Then it will be available for 
sale in my poetry pack.

100th Day of School Poem

Thank you Teaching Blog Addict
for hosting this fun weekly linky!
It is such a great way to share ideas!

Random Photo

I created this for a good friend's birthday.
I modeled it off of O magazine.
Each page contained a picture with a little write up 
of one of her favorite things.  I gave her the magazine first
then I gave her the box filled with the real items!

Funny From a Honey

This isn't mine but I have to share!
As some of the students were coming
in off of the bus, one little preschooler
turns to our speech therapist, who was
walking in at the same time and that 
silly little one said to her...
"Ms. Jean! I didn't know you ride the bus!" 


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  1. "Funny from a Honey" - you are soooo clever! Aside from that being an adorable story, I also just love the name of that feature! I have years of sweet little stories collected and I've been trying to figure out how to share some on my blog. You nailed it, kiddo - brilliant!!

    Linda Nelson
    Primary Inspiration

  2. Cute blog!! We are so glad to have found you, we are your newest followers!
    We are excited to read more of what is happening here.