Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Currently...kind of...

Oh' boy fourth grade

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Please forgive me!
I have to just post my currently below.  
I got a new laptop after my old one crashed.
It is.....
well...I don't want to complain,
so I will say nothing!
(That's why I said Currently...kind of... 
as my post heading!)

listening: to Dance Moms and
my youngest text her sister using my phone

loving: that I am (mostly) over the flu

thinking: I need to go to bed

wanting: a housekeeper...
my hubby had the house all
neat and tidy after I came back
from a girls trip to Vegas.
Too bad we can't keep it that way!

needing: to get software ASAP...
because laptops now come with... 

advice: RUN away when your kiddos
come to school sick!

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  1. Hi! I saw your post from the April Currently so I'm stopping by. First of all, LOVE the zebra background! Last year my classroom theme was zebras. :) Also, JEALOUS of the Vegas trip!! :)

    I'm your newest follower. Nice to meet cha!

    The 4th Grade Journey

  2. I haven't been to Vegas in a few years... I miss that place sometimes!

    You know, I totally agree about getting a housekeeper. I have to keep my classroom clean, the house clean and do so much that the housework just always doesn't get done.

    I'm a new follower from the April Currently!

    Life In Middle School

  3. Hi Kim,

    Hope you're feeling better. Love your I'm an Iowa Blogger sign. So cute!

    First Grade Schoolhouse

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  5. Love me some Dance Moms...but if I had a teacher like Abby, I'd run! Hope you get to feeling "normal" soon, being sick is never fun.

    For the Love of First Grade

  6. Ha! Computers really do come with nothing! So sorry, hun! I was laughing so hard because I was using my Grandma's computer last night and she had nothing on it. I could not do my Currently. I should have just followed your lead- genius!
    Remember- Microsoft gives a TEACHER DISCOUNT! Whoop whoop! So, go get the software, you won't be sorry. :)

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  7. Found your blog through Currently. I am stalking around finding some firstie teachers. I will be teaching first grade next year and I love making TpT classroom theme and packets. Check out my blog and leave me a comment if you have any great ideas!

    I just got over being sick too. I took two sick days last week and I never am out sick. It was an awful sinus infection, head cold, with cold sweats. Just awful!

    Freebie in my latest post if you comment!

    If You Give a Teacher a Treat