Saturday, August 24, 2013

Classroom Tour, Lesson Plans and Get Playing Cards for FREE!

Welcome to our 
1st Grade Safari!

Homework/Note Return
Store/Word Work Storage
Behavior Clip Chart
Author Study Read Alouds

Opening/Meeting Area


Meeting Area

I would LOVE a cute rug, but we have
pea gravel on our playground, so it would
get destroyed! The students get FILTHY!

Math Manipulatives & 
Math Centers

Read to Self/Someone Areas

Listening Center

Word Wall
Math Baskets for Centers

Loft for Read to Self
Book Boxes for Good Fit Books

In The Loft

My Desk
Guided Reading Table

Student Lockers
Miscellaneous Storage Containers
Math Manipulatives

Student Supplies

Enjoying our Jitter Juice!

Practicing our alphabet with chalk!

I ended up with 27 students.
This is my largest class ever in 13 
years of teaching! We sure have
a tight fit in my classroom!

I haven't been snapping pictures
of all of our activities either.
There just doesn't seem to be time!

I am pretty disappointed by this fact.
I started my blog in October last year
so I didn't get to blog about all of my
back to school activities.
Maybe next year!

This is a quick list of our 1st week.
We are working on routines, procedures
and attention-getters.
Whole Brain all the way!

Monday- First Grade Jitters & Jitter Juice
The Kissing Hand & handprint sugar cookies
with a red frosting heart in the center.
I put frosting on the fingertips of the cookies
for the girls for nailpolish.

Tuesday- Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Chase
& CCBB treats ) Alphabits & Cocoa Puffs
mixed like Rice Krispie treats...
I did have one left so I got a picture.

Wednesday- Will I Have a Friend?
Sugar cookies & orange juice (from the story)

Thursday- The Crayon Box that Talked
Scribblers popsicles

Friday- My Teacher Sleeps in School
Cakes decorated like the cake in the book

       Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Now, if you are like me, I am
always curious about other 
1st grade lesson plans.
Click here to get my
editable version on TPT for free!

It shows up wonky on the preview,
but when I downloaded it for a test,
it was fine.


If you have a casino in your area,
they may donate their decks of 
used playing cards to you!
They can only use them so many
times so they are in great shape 
and they have a ton.
Just take out the face cards
and you have easy and FREE
math centers for games.

No more copying, laminating
and cutting out number cards!

There are so many games to play!
Addition War, 10's Memory Match,
Tens Go Fish, to name a few!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow! Great classroom! I LOVE your loft! Sadly, our board ripped all existing ones out years ago... :(

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

  2. Your classroom looks awesome! I am jealous of your loft. The jungle theme is super cute.

    Also, thanks for sharing your first week activities. They sound fun and tasty. :-)

    Compassionate Teacher