Sunday, August 18, 2013

Math Daily 5 & 2 "Chicken" Games

Click the picture for two
freebie game ideas!

I love the Daily 5!
I have been using it for several years.
I have been searching for a way to
simplify math centers and was so
excited to see The 2 Sisters are 
developing the Math Daily 5!

I have adjusted it to fit my time frame.

We will have our whole class lesson and 
then have paper practice together.

The students will then go to two centers
on Monday and Wednesday and two on 
Tuesday and Thursday. Every other Friday
will be store and the opposite Fridays will
be whole class games.

Two groups will go to the first 2 centers
and two groups will go to the second 2 centers.

It is actually the Daily 4 as I combined two.

Me (small group) and Math with Someone
Math Games and Math Tools

I have also started making a chart
of the games, tools and Math with 
Someone activities they will be doing.

Several of these activities are from
my TpT store (free and for sale)
and several are from other TpT stores 
(free and for sale).

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