Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fast Finisher Files

Here is something new I am trying
this year. I had several "fast finishers"
last year and I scrambled to find things,
besides read a book, for them to do.
I created this chart with cards.
I will display 2 or so choices a day that 
the students can pick from if they finish
an assignment early.  
I also made a guided reading chart 
(trying for the first time 
this year too) and two hand signal signs.

It is for sale in my TPT store.
Click the picture if you'd like to 
check it out!

Also available in chevron!
Click the picture if you'd like
to check this one out!

I created two fast finisher tub
cards in the above products.

Fast Finisher Tub #1 (zebra basket), will
contain these fast finisher folders.
This product contains 30 labels
to glue to clasp envelopes.
I laminated the envelopes, 
(open of course), cut a slit in the
opening, added Velcro dots to keep
them closed and have begun adding
different activities.

Click the picture for
the Freebie!

    Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Some of the activities I have
put in so far are cards from
a Highlights Buzz Blast game

(which is too loud for my classroom,
but the cards are perfect for the folders)

( a freebie by Mr. Elementary Math)

alphabet flash cards for the students to put
in abc order (a freebie from Jolanthe Erb)

I have these neat task cards on my wishlist! 

Task Cards for Math: School Theme {First Grade CCSS}

They are from More Than Math by Moe.
These cards are for the beginning of 1st
and she is making more for the rest of the year!
I will put these in Fast Finisher folders as well.
They will either keep the recording sheet in their 
math folders for writing down the answers or
I will include dry erase markers so they can
just write the answers on the cards.

I put in 4 Buzz Blast cards in folders 1-5.
I put in 1 set of dominoes in each folder 6-10.
I put a set of the alphabet flashcards in 
each folder 11-15.
I put my Top Ten lists in folders 16 and 17,
five lists in each.

Fast finisher tub #2 will contain several
activities. One will be this product I created.
The 64 color coded math activity cards included 
are all 1st grade common core aligned!
There are also color coded dividers, labels
for your index holders/recipe boxes and
a "cookbook" to record their names when
they complete the activities.

Throw in a 2 minute sand timer
 and chef hat for extra fun!

It is for sale in my TPT store.
Click the picture if you are interested!

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  1. Cute idea for firsties!