Friday, August 9, 2013

2 Back To School Freebies!

For years I have kept a large
index card taped to the door
of my closet at school.
Then, when I run out of 
something, I just write it down.
Makes for very easy ordering for
the next school year!
I decided to cute it up a little 
and offer it as a freebie!
I hope you can use one of the 
templates I made!

Click the picture for 
Freebie #1

Here's another freebie!
At the beginning of each school
year, we read Chrysanthemum by
Keven Henkes.  The students take
our interview sheet home and interview
a family member about their name.
The next day, we read them aloud and
give the students a name tag to wear
for the day with the name they chose 
on their interview sheet.
I call them by that name all day
and they think it is "wildy funny"!
If, when, I slip up and call them by
their real name, they are quick to
correct me! 

Click the picture for 
Freebie #2

I rarely find anything in my area
stores that gets me excited, the kind
of excited I see so many other bloggers
getting about their finds, but

Yes I did! I found Scentos markers
in our Wal-Mart! Two packs of them!
I was jumping up and down in the aisle!
I am not even kidding...
ask my 6 year old!


The kiddos go crazy for these as well!
I use them to put smiley faces, stars, 
etc. on their correct papers.

Look in my classroom and you will
see children with papers stuck
to their faces, smelling the lovely scents!

Chocolate, bubble gum, cotton candy,
lemon, raspberry and pineapple!!!

I am NOW ready for school to start!

I had already searched the aisle,
even asking an associate who came
over and helped me! We didn't see them.

I went back to that aisle so my daughter
could get her addition flashcards, looked 
down and there they were! 

So happy!!

Oh, yeah...I found a zebra striped calculator too! 
That was pretty exciting as well!

One more new product I created
for the beginning of the year.
I have done the Alpha-Bits project
for years, since finding it as an online
project. I wanted a new look for it.
Click the picture if you are interested!

The first 3 to comment,
will get the Alpha-Bits project free!
Don't forget your email!

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  1. Great idea on the lists! I am always forgetting what I need!

  2. Love the list idea! And I also appreciate that the alpha bits is not a candy sort...not good the first day/ week of school!

  3. Great idea! Better than candy.

  4. I've been following you for a while and I just noticed you're an IA blogger-as am I! I'm in Eastern Iowa, how about you?