Friday, August 2, 2013

Math Freebie, Back to School Sale and a Classroom Store Tour!

I was so excited to see I was picked
to be featured this week on Teaching Blog Addict!
I hope you all can use, if not the actual freebie,
at least the idea! I really appreciate blogs for all
I have learned and gained, and love blogs like
Teaching Blog Addict that take the time to host
these freebie linkys, every single week!

Thank you Fern!!
Thank you to Charity as well for hosting 
Manic Monday every week!


I am always on the look out for
easy to put together math games
for centers, groups and partners.
Yahtzee game that is great for the
beginning of 1st grade. However, 
wanted more of a challenge for 
the rest of the year, so I 
created a couple versions!

In these versions, you will need
Dice in Dice and 10-sided Dice in Dice!

I did receive permission from 
Shari Sloane from Kidscount1234
to use her idea and expand on it!

Click the picture for your freebie!

Back to School Sale!

I am throwing a back
to school sale on TPT!
Everything in my store 
is 20% today (Friday)
through Sunday!
Click the picture to go
to my store!


Classroom Store

The top two shelves are items in my store.
I have items found at garage sales, at Dollar
Stores, on clearance and thrift stores. 
I also use Scholastic points to buy books and
occasionally parents will donate items.

The thrift store in my town donates items
to teachers for free. Check out this post to
see what I got for free last time I visited them!

Items currently in my baskets:
All the wonderful things from above post,
stuffed animals, Hot Wheels cars, giant pens 
(on clearance from Dollar General for 10 cents each!!),
notepads, books, wallets,.

I also have a hanging shoe organizer
that houses all the little store items such
as pencils, erasers, highlighters, bouncy balls, 
bracelets, rings, etc. It hangs on the back of
my closet door and I bring it out and hang it
on my classroom door (which is to the left of 
this cabinet) during store time.

I pay students $1 for each spelling homework
they return to school.  They keep their money in
wallets they bring from home or purchase in my store. 
(I buy these at garage sales and get them 
at the thrift stores)

They keep their wallets in their desks.

The above post also shows what we use to
keep track of their earnings!
(And it is a freebie download!)

Twice a month we go shopping during math time!
It is great practice for adding and subtracting as
well as FUN!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Lovely blog! Thanks for linking up so I could find you :)

    Peacocks & Penguins

  2. fantastic blog! Love the Yahtzee idea! Really cool.
    Thanks for sharing. I found you at Classroom Freebies Manic Monday.
    Love getting ideas and sharing! Its fun isn't it?
    Mary Ann

  3. Very cute game idea! Thanks for sharing, and I agree with you about both Fern Smith and Charity Preston! They are doing an awesome job!
    3rd Grade Grapevine