Monday, January 13, 2014

Once Upon a....

I love teaching Fairy Tales!
My biggest seller is this product.
I use it and several other Fairy Tale
products I made. 
Click the picture if you are interested!

I also just added this updated version with
many more activities! Click the picture to see it!

Point of View and Other Common Core Activities Using Fairy Tales

I created a few more Fairy Tale
themed products to use and I am 
offering the Once Upon a...
Noun Sort for free!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday     

Click the picture!

If you'd like to check out
the other two I have made
so far, click the pictures!

This is always a hit!
It has to be my favorite too!

Jack has left 4 of the Giant's
cookies for us to share!
It takes 2 tubes of Pillsbury
chocolate chip cookie dough.
I just divide each package
into half, smoosh it out, form
into a circle and bake!


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  1. I use three of those 4 books, too! :) I love your beanstalk! I had an IA make me a beanstalk (more like a really cool looking vine) in my room that pretty much went across one wall. We wrote letters to the giant on leaves. Then, when we were done with the unit, I couldn't bring myself to take the beanstalk down so I left it up and found ways to use it. Then, when we switched rooms, the teacher who took my room kept it up for a year b/c she liked it so much, too! :)