Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Minute to Win It and Show What You Know Throw!

       Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Minute to Win It!

I saw a similar idea on Pinterest but
it only contained 4 lines and the sheet needed
to be laminated or put in page protectors,
and dry erase markers and erasers were needed.

LOVED the idea!!

I wanted a simpler version, so I created this
to share! Now all I need is copies!
Practice any skill, whole class (in groups of 4)
 using the Minute to Win It recording sheet!

All you need is the reproducible, a timer
and a writing utensil for each student.

This game has become a favorite, along
with my newest product,
Show What You Know Throw!

Click the picture to get the freebie!

 Here we played using our word wall words of the week.
The students had one minute to each write the given
word wall word in their numbered box.  We played 5 times
using our 5 new words.  A point was given to the team that
finished first. The team with the most points, won.

The next day we used the back and played a math 
version. Students searched the room for something
shorter than/longer than an item I showed.
They had 1 minute to complete each 4 square box as
a group. They had to each find something different and
write it in their numbered square before the minute
was up to earn a point for their team.

I created this next product to add some
FUN to common core review. 
There are ELA and Math sheets.
Students fill in one box and crumple the paper. 
 On my signal, they throw it into the air,
pick up another and fill in the next box.
Again on my signal, they throw and get
another paper.  This has been a huge hit!
They ask to play it every day!

I think besides getting to crumple and 
throw paper, (you should have seen their 
faces the first time I told them to 
crumple up their paper...PRICELESS!), 
their favorite part is looking to see
whose paper they got! 

Of course, there are rules to follow.
No throwing at students, no working
ahead, etc. Students who do not follow
the rules, have to sit down and fill out
the sheet on their own.

*ALSO, have the students gently
crumple (I demonstrated this). The first
time we played they really smooshed the
paper and it became hard to write on it
and the papers tore!

Students had to write a different word 
wall word in each square. No repeats!

Click the picture to check it out!

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