Tuesday, February 25, 2014

120th Day of School and R-Controlled Vowels Freebie

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We began studying R-controlled vowels.
I wanted recording sheets so I created
these. I hope you can use them too!
Click here!

Now on to a new day I added!

The 120th Day!

Since we now learn our numbers to 120
 in first grade, I decided we need to
acknowledge this with a few fun activities.
If you would like to check it out, it is 
available in my TpT store.

There are over 20 activities and I 
keep adding more!

Click here!

Our counting by 10's inchworm

I LOVE how our writing pages turned out!

Fishing! So creative!

This little guy made a subtraction sentence!

My favorite of all!
A dancing person!

We did Show Me the Money in groups
of four students.  They took turns grabbing
a coin and counting them until they reached
120 as a group.  They had to count it again
to make sure they had the right amount and
then count how many coins it took to get there.

They knew it would take 120 pennies to get to
120 but it is good counting practice anyway!

The above pictures were our 120 Second Surveys!
Great fun!

120 Floor Puzzle Race!

Counting by 10's to 120 Inchworms!

Only 60 days left!

But who's counting?! HA!

Thanks for stopping by!

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