Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Penguins & Blizzard Day

Well...this post is a little late
in coming but maybe you can find
something you like to add to your
penguin lessons for next year!
We have had soooo many days off,
early outs and late starts due to weather
that we are waaaay behind in everything!
I am also having a super hard time trying
to decide what to cut from our activities!

Story Souvenir
Fiction and nonfiction book with 
penguin eraser for each student

Penguin craftivity with writing
The penguin is from my penguin craft pack.

Penguin Math

I gave students a large sheet of copy paper
and had them draw a large iceberg and two
small icebergs below it.

Part  Part

We named it Nice Icy Land!
(Tacky the Penguin books)

I gave each student a small cup of penguin
cheese crackers (Wal-Mart).

We solved many different story problems 
using our penguins and Nice Icy Land!

You can have the students record the
problems you solve inside the large iceberg.

Blubber experiment

 Fun freebie from Cherry Carl!

Melt an ice cube
This is from my Blizzard Day pack.

Students are dressed wacky for
Wacky Tacky Day from my

I wear a Hawaiian shirt and black glasses
(3D glasses from a movie theater with the
lenses popped out) with tape around the nose piece.
Wish I would have had someone take a picture 
of me! Hopefully next year!     Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Snacks for Blizzard Day

Click here and download the freebie cards 
from the preview!

Snow drifts- strawberry flavored white cotton candy
Snowballs- white popcorn

Melted snowmen- Oreos dipped in white almond bark
with M&M eyes and a candy corn nose

Sticks in snow- pretzel sticks in white almond bark 

Our class friend that goes home with each student
Journal freebie here!

Ice Hotel nonfiction reading practice

Snowball fight using our sight words
Write the words on plain white copy paper
and scrunch up.  Students throw them but
must open them and read before throwing again!

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  1. Very cute graphics! I know your kiddos had a blast with these fun activities!
    Susan Hardin
    3rd Grade Grapevine