Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Big Pumpkin

Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman
is my very favorite Halloween book.
I love it soooo much, I spent an
insane amount of money on the cassette!
The music and singing make it even better!

I got it off of Ebay a few years ago.
I looked it up again and there is one
on there going for around $80.

Product Details
It's a fun story about a witch who
wants to make pumpkin pie.
So she plants the seed and it grows
so big she can't pull it out.
Along come some spooky characters,
each thinking they can pull it out.
A sweet bat comes to their rescue.
You will have to read it to find out
how the bat saves the day!

I found this video on YouTube.
This lady does a great job singing
and acting out the parts.
Sorry it isn't centered...
I'm afraid of HTML!

You can also find several videos
of the song but they don't show the
pages of the book. The above video does.

Well, Krista Wallden from
created a new Halloween pack,
called Witch's Brew. I knew I 
had to have it to make this packet!

Want a chance to win a copy?
Head to my Facebook page,
like my page and leave a comment!

I love Krista's clipart!
I made the entire packet 
using only her clipart, fonts,
and borders!

 Freebie Friday

Get this freebie back to 
school poem here!

Students fill in the blanks and
draw pictures to match the words.

Check out the whole packet here!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hi Kim I LOVE the Big Pumpkin story too! There is so much a teacher can do with that story. Years ago, we acted it out at my school and presented it to the Parents, it was awesome. Your pack looks great, just wish listed it:)